What Are the Different Types of Chicory Salad?

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Chicory salads can feature a variety of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables and cheese. Radicchio leaves are often combined with chicory greens in salads, such as chicory salad with warm mustard dressing. Some salads, such as shrimp, argula and chicory salad, can also include seafood, meat or eggs. Chicory salads are typically topped off with a flavorful salad dressing.

These salads can be topped with various types of cheese. Salad with blueberries, hazelnuts and aged Manchego cheese is served with a dressing of olive oil, raspberry vinegar and honey. Chicory salad with walnuts and Parmesan features a dressing made from sherry vinegar, walnut oil and mustard. The salad is topped toasted walnuts and shaved Parmesan. When the salad is paired with quince and pecans, it is topped off with crumbled blue cheese.

Radicchio leaves are often featured in chicory salads. Chicory salads with warm mustard dressing feature a salad of chicory, fennel and raddichio leaves. The salad is topped with a dressing of agave nectar, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Chicory salads with watermelon radishes, shaved Manchego and pink peppercorn vinaigrette feature radicchio leaves, baby spinach and watermelon radishes.


A variety of dressings are featured on assorted salads made with chicory leaves, including those with garlic, red wine and sherry vinegar. Chicory salad with creamy garlic dressing features cottage cheese, garlic and red wine vinegar blended together. The salad is topped with chopped hard-boiled eggs. Chicory salad with orange blossom dressing features a salad of chicory radishes and fennel. It is topped with a dressing of sherry vinegar, orange blossom water and olive oil.

Many salads with chicory leaves include fruit, such as oranges, tangerines and pears. Chicory salad with oranges and red onions features red onions, naval oranges and red-wine vinegar. Southwestern chicory salad features naval oranges, avocados and tomatoes. Chicory, tangerine and pomegranate salad features tangerines and pomegranate seeds. Endive and pear salad features endives, chicory and pears topped with white wine vinegar and olive oil.

Seafood and meat, such as shrimp, ham and bacon, can also be featured in chicory salads. Chicory, fried ham and pear salad features thin, sliced, baked ham and Bartlett pears. Chicory salads made with bacon, crispy potatoes and fried egg feature cooked bacon, with the peeled potatoes cooked in leftover bacon fat. The salad is topped with fried eggs before being served. Shrimp, arugula and chicory salad features cooked and peeled shrimp, scallions and minced garlic.


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Post 3

Where can I get chicory greens? I never see them at the store.

My grandmother used to grow chicory in her garden and I can remember eating it at her house when I was a kid. I liked chicory back then and would love to try it again. I would grow it myself but I have the opposite of a green thumb, more of a black thumb.

Post 2

I like to fix a super simple salad of chicory greens and straight balsamic vinegar, not vinaigrette but vinegar. Just two ingredients in their simplest form (vinegar is close at least).

I have tried this salad with more ingredients but it doesn't benefit from being complicated. It is about two flavors contrasting and conflicting with one another. There is no need to stuff the salad bowl with a bunch of other flavors and textures when they will just detract from what is already there.

Post 1

I love to have chicory and mustard green salads because the two greens blend wonderfully well together. You get the almost sweet bitterness of the mustard green followed by the spicy pepper taste of the chicory. It is a flavor explosion.

I know too many people who only eat salads of iceberg, or romaine or maybe spinach when they want to feel healthy. And there is nothing wrong with those but there is a world of other salad possibilities you can choose from if you open your mind up to greens. Chicory is a great place to start. It has a unique but accessible flavor and it pairs well with lots of other things.

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