What are the Different Types of Chewable Prenatal Vitamins?

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Many women have difficulty swallowing tablets, but do not want to give up the additional nutrients provided by prenatal vitamins. Others do not mind swallowing large pills, but find that they make their morning sickness worse in the first trimester. Fortunately, chewable prenatal vitamins exist, which are usually easier to take, and better for nausea. Prescription prenatal vitamins often come in chewable form, but many women prefer over-the-counter types since they are usually known for tasting better. There is also the option of chewable prenatal vitamins that do not appear to be vitamins at all, but a delicious snack that includes many of the most important minerals during pregnancy.

Most doctors offer a prescription for prenatal vitamins when asked, though it is not necessary since most over-the-counter brands contain many of the same minerals. Women who have difficulty swallowing tablets, however, may be particularly inclined to request a prescription from their doctor to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients when they consider chewable prenatal vitamins. One of the many chewable types available by prescription is NataChew®, which has the same minerals as most other prenatal vitamins, but includes more folic acid. In fact, the main difference between many prescription vitamins, and those available at the store, is that the former usually have more folic acid, which can help prevent spinal cord defects in the fetus.


There is a selection of chewable prenatal vitamins that are available at nearly any grocery store. They often have some flavor to them, such as different types of fruit, which may help them go down easier. If flavorful chewable prenatal vitamins cannot be located, some doctors recommend that pregnant women take two Flintstones™ vitamins per day, as they can often get the same amount of nutrients this way without feeling sick. It is important to compare the minerals in such vitamins to those in the typical prenatal vitamin before substituting, though.

Some women dislike the idea of vitamins completely, and find it easier to get their nutrients from food. Unfortunately, most women do not follow a diet that is conducive to having a healthy baby, as their nutritional needs change drastically when they get pregnant. To combat this issue, they can use products like the Bellybar™, which seems more like a snack than a multivitamin. It comes in wafer form, and offers a choice of fruit, chocolate, or s'more flavor. Despite its appearance, it is known for delivering all the nutrients needed during pregnancy, and may therefore be quite appealing to hungry pregnant women who prefer small snacks to large pills.


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Post 3

Gummy vitamins do taste good. I use the organic ones though because some of them contain high fructose glucose syrup instead of sugar. The gummy prenatal vitamins I have do not have a lot of sugar and he sugar is regular, real sugar. So I feel that they are healthier.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I take a different type of chewable prenatal vitamin. It's not gummy vitamins. It's like small tablets that disintegrate in the mouth. But it has a fruity taste as well. It's kind of like those over the counter antacids.

I agree with you, large pills are very difficult to deal with. That's why I use chewable prenatal vitamins as well.

Post 1

I use gummy prenatal vitamins, the ones that are like gummy candies.

I've never been able to swallow vitamins that are so large that they seem more like horse pills. And sometimes, vitamin pills give me an upset stomach. When a woman is pregnant and dealing with nausea, the last thing she needs is horse pills that make her even more sick.

In that sense, the gummy prenatal vitamins are a godsend. They are easy to chew and swallow. And they taste so good! Sometimes I feel like a little kid when I take them, but who cares! I'm getting my vitamins and I don't feel sick. That's enough for me.

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