What Are the Different Types of Cheesy Potatoes?

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Different types of cheesy potatoes are often based on the way in which the potatoes are prepared and then combined with cheese. There are many different casseroles, for example, that can use sliced, shredded, or cubed potatoes that are then combined with cheese and other ingredients before being baked. Cheesy potatoes can also include certain preparations of mashed potatoes, in which the potatoes are usually boiled and then mashed up with some milk, butter, and cheese. There are also a number of baked or fried preparations of cheesy potatoes, such as French fries covered in cheese, twice-baked potatoes, and potato skins.

Cheesy potatoes can refer to just about any type of recipe in which potatoes are a major ingredient and are combined with cheese in some way. One of the most common forms of such a recipe is a casserole, which can include a wide range of options, from a baked preparation of hash brown potatoes with cheese to a more traditional potato au gratin dish. Hash browns can refer to potatoes that have been either cubed or shredded, which can be combined with cheese and other ingredients before being baked in a dish. An “au gratin” preparation of cheesy potatoes often uses thinly sliced potatoes, which are combined with a cheesy sauce, topped with bread crumbs, and baked until golden brown.


Mashed potatoes can also be prepared using cheese, which often adds both flavor and richness to a recipe. The basic way in which mashed potatoes are prepared is usually for someone to boil cubed potatoes until they are cooked. These are then drained and mashed together into a fluffy consistency. Different recipes can call for a wide range of ingredients, but mashed, cheesy potatoes are often prepared by combining them with some milk, butter, and shredded cheese. As the cheese melts, it adds further creaminess to the dish and the flavor of the cheese can be further enhanced with some chives.

There are also a number of preparations for cheesy potatoes that utilize potatoes that have been baked whole or fried. French fries, for example, are often made by someone cutting potatoes into strips and then baking or frying them until cooked through. These can be topped with shredded cheese and baked slightly until the cheese melts into a thick sauce over the fries.

Twice-baked potatoes are made by someone first baking potatoes, and then scooping the insides out of the skins. The insides are then combined with cheese and other ingredients, before adding them back into the skins and baking them again until golden brown. Potato skins can be made in a similar way, though the insides of the potatoes are left out. The hollowed out skins can have cheese, bacon, chives, and other ingredients added to them before being baked and served.


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