What are the Different Types of Chandelier Parts?

Brandon May

The different types of chandelier parts can fall into several simple categories. The main chandelier parts are chandelier prisms, crystal parts and lamp parts. Another term for the lamp and light fixture is called luminaire, and it comprises the lamp and a reflector of the light. Knowing the terms of chandelier hardware is important if one finds that mending a chandelier is necessary.

Chandeliers are made up of several main components that include prism parts, crystal parts and lamp parts.
Chandeliers are made up of several main components that include prism parts, crystal parts and lamp parts.

Chandelier prisms are tiny crystals that hang from the bottom of the chandelier itself. Usually, crystal prisms hang underneath the chandelier parts associated with the lamp or chandelier candlesticks. Chandelier prisms help reflect the light from the lamp parts so that rays will shine through into the room that the chandelier occupies. This makes for an elegant display in the room, because even sunlight through the windows can stimulate the diffusion of natural light into the room through the chandelier.

Another type of chandelier parts are the lamp parts, which can include a light bulb or chandelier candlesticks. There is a risk for accidental fire, so candlesticks must be firmly attached to the chandelier lamp part. The safest alternatives are electric light bulbs that shine artificial light into the room. Appropriate light fitting is required in order to find the correct size bulb for the lamp part of the chandelier.

Another part of the chandelier that often goes unnoticed is the arm. The arm is the base of the luminaire, which stems from the base of the chandelier itself. The base holds the lights or candles in position. Many times, the arms are delicately detailed with fine carvings or designs. With other instances, arms are simply there to provide support for the lamp.

The base of the chandelier holds the entire structure on the wall or the ceiling. It can be constructed from rock or metal and usually is fixed in place. The base also serves a purpose as a visual piece, because many are designed with artistic carvings. Crystal prisms might extend from the base, as well.

The main chandelier parts help make the whole of the chandelier and aid in the construction of a beautiful ceiling ornament. The chandelier prisms and crystals provide exquisite beauty as well as a reflection of a concentration of light that emanates in the room. The arms of the chandelier provide support for the luminaire and the lamps of the chandelier. These parts all combine to form a beautiful structure that can add elegance and light to any room.

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@ocelot60- As long as you get replacement crystal chandelier prisms that aren't too different from the original prisms, I think your chandelier will look fine. You can always move some of the prisms around and place the new ones strategically so that it would be hard to tell that you even installed them.

You can do this by moving some of the original prisms from the interior of the chandelier and put the new prisms in these less noticeable areas.


I have an antique crystal chandelier that is missing some of its prisms. I can't find new prisms that match exactly, so I'm wondering if it will be noticeable if I use some that look similar. I hate to go through the trouble of installing them if they detract from the looks of the chandelier.

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