What are the Different Types of Chakra Gemstones?

Debra Durkee

The chakras are points in and on the human body that have been traditionally associated with various aspects of life energy and forces. Each of the seven chakras is thought of as being linked to a certain color and in turn certain types of chakra gemstones that are determined by the focal point's color. Application of the gemstones to the appropriate parts of the body is thought to help align the individual's chakras with the outside world; as these gemstone choices are based largely on color, a wide variety are accepted as accurate.

Gemstones, which can be used to balance chakras.
Gemstones, which can be used to balance chakras.

The root chakra is associated with the spine and area around the lower back, and is represented by red. Therefore, all of the chakra gemstones associated with this focal point are red. Some of the most commonly seen are the ruby, red jasper, and garnet, although pink stones such as rhodochrosite and rose quartz can also used. Above this is the chakra associated with orange and with the reproductive organs and the entrails. Carnelian, fire opal, amber, and tangerine quartz are all associated with this sacral chakra.

Quartz can be used for multiple chakras.
Quartz can be used for multiple chakras.

Located at the solar plexus is the third chakra, the manipura. Yellow chakra gemstones like topaz, citrine, and amber are used for healing afflictions centered on this chakra. Located just above this on the body, the heart chakra, or anahata, is perhaps surprisingly associated with green. There are a number of green stones used in conjunction with the heart chakra, including emerald, malachite, jade, green quartz, and chrysoprase. The throat chakra is blue, and stones such as lapis lazuli and sapphires are commonly used in conjunction with this.

The third eye chakra, located on the forehead, is indigo and commonly associated with sapphires, azurite, and amethyst. The final chakra, the crown, is considered to be closely tied with the color purple. Stones are similar to those used with the third eye chakra, although the shade of the chakra gemstones is important. Darker purple stones such as obsidian are a reflection of sadness, while pale purple stones such as amethyst can represent the individual's love for his or her fellow humans.

The different chakra gemstones are used for different purposes. The indigo stones associated with the third eye chakra can be used to increase the depth of meditation, while using the yellow stones on the solar plexus is thought to help an individual organize thoughts and focus the mind. As it is the color of the stone that is the most important, the choice of stones can be tailored to the needs and tastes of the individual.

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