What are the Different Types of Ceiling Lamps?

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The two basic types of ceiling lamps are flush and hanging. Hanging lights feature cords, bars or chains between the lamp and the ceiling, while flush lamps touch the ceiling directly. Some of the many types of ceiling lamps include pendant, chandelier, lighted ceiling fan, island, track, fluorescent and pot.

Pot lights are round and usually have metal trim. They are recessed or pushed up into the ceiling so that the base is flush with the ceiling. Pot ceiling lamps can add light to work spaces and are especially popular in kitchens. Fluorescent lights are another type of flush lamp popular in kitchens as they often use energy efficient bulbs. The fluorescent tubes may be enclosed in a metal lamp unit and a plastic panel may allow the light to shine through.

Track ceiling lamps fit onto metal tracking that is flush to the ceiling. Track lights are often very basic in style, but offer excellent lighting for all kinds of work spaces. Each separate track light can be moved in different directions to add light to specific areas of a room. Island lights are hanging ceiling fixtures that feature several lamps connected to one main section. They usually emit quite a bit of light and are used over work stations or kitchen islands where food is prepared.


A lighted ceiling fan combines light and air circulation. Lighted ceiling fans are especially popular in warm climates. Chandeliers are a classic and elegant type of ceiling lamp. Some chandeliers feature many crystal drops on elaborately curved metal pieces. Victorian style chandeliers have detailed metalwork and big glass globes as part of the design, while more modern styles of chandeliers tend to have much less detail.

Pendant ceiling lamps are hanging lights that feature the lamp section lower down on metal bars or chains. There are many styles of pendant style ceiling lamps available today. Some are highly detailed with antiqued metal finishes and floral painted lamp shades. Other pendant ceiling lights have straight, clean lines and smooth finishes. Tiffany pendant lamps have stained glass shades, while Art Deco pendant ceiling lamps may have sculpted and curved frosted glass shades.


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