What are the Different Types of CCTV Security Products?

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security products are a great way to secure property and protect valuables. There are multiple types of CCTV security products available for purchase. Some are more powerful than others, offering better picture quality and a larger image. Other CCTV security products are easier to set up for discreet monitoring

The dome camera is a popular CCTV security product. Dome cameras are designed with a hard casing to prevent a vandal from breaking or tinkering with them. These are great security cameras for high-traffic businesses. Dome cameras are simple to install, requiring only a couple of screws. Due to the camera lens being hidden by a larger enclosing, it can be pointed in any direction without being seen.

The box camera is another CCTV security product that is commonly attached to walls or the sides of buildings. The box camera is excellent for viewing at long distances, as the length of the lens can be extended. This is not the case with the dome camera. The box camera is ideal for relatively clear lighting conditions. Box cameras should be placed in a protective enclosing if they are low enough to be damaged.


Infrared CCTV cameras are ideal for dark lighting conditions. They are typically not able to see at very great distances, but can be used effectively in closed quarters. The infrared cameras use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to view images in dark lighting. How many LEDs they are designed with usually determines the distance with which they are able to see.

Covert CCTV security products are designed to look like another unassuming object to fool people passing by. For instance, a covert CCTV camera may be designed like a smoke detector. This is a useful way to catch people acting naturally and avoid damage of the CCTV by criminals.

Wireless CCTV cameras are ideal for situations in which there is no digital video recorder. Wireless cameras come with a transmitter and receiver to transfer video in real-time. The wireless CCTV cameras typically do not have the same distance capabilities as other CCTV security products. They also tend to be more expensive.

The Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera allows real-time operation of the CCTV device. The camera's movement can be controlled as needed. These cameras are commonly used in retail stores to catch shoplifters. The camera can be tilted up and down, panned from side to side, and also zoomed in. These are significantly more expensive than other types CCTV security products.


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Post 3

@KLR650 - Good job replacing your old cameras with new, small ones. I love how small electronics have gotten. When I see those big huge cameras in the glass boxes to keep the rain out, it reminds me of those big cell phones people used to have on shows like Miami Vice. These days, smaller is better.

Post 2

@Nepal2016 - Not only can you do it for not much money, but the whole thing can be pretty stealthy these days.

Cameras are really tiny now. I have a few up on my hunting property because of trespassers. They used to find my old cameras and mess with them, but they can't even see the new ones.

With everything being so cheap and easy, there's no reason not to set up something like this to help keep your place secure.

Post 1

You can do a really nice CCTV security system pretty cheaply now. I have cameras on the outside of my house, and they work night and day. There's a secure wireless feed to my computer that I can watch anytime. I don't even have to answer the door anymore if I am not expecting anyone. I can just look on the computer to see who it is.

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