What are the Different Types of Cashier Careers?

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Cashier careers usually start as entry-level positions that usually require only a high school diploma. The job entails receiving money for purchases, making change, and giving receipts. Cashiers are employed at restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, and many other types of businesses.

Since a lot of companies require cashier services, it is often a widely-available job in many countries. Ages in the field vary greatly, from high school students to nearly retired employees. As with any employment, the current economic situation of a country also effects the availability of jobs.

There are a number of skills that are required for pursuing cashier careers. Although most register machines are capable of automatically carrying out transactions, cashiers need to be good at math and quick to recognize miscalculations when they occur. They also need to be adaptive and willing to help a customer should he or she request a different combination of change. Most managers require neatness and a positive attitude at all times when dealing with the store’s guests.

A lot of cashiers work part time and are trained on the job. They are often guided by more experienced workers who explain to them the policies and procedures of the trade, as well as show them how the equipment operates. Normally only a couple of days are needed for the beginner to grasp the basics and be assigned to his or her own register machine, albeit under supervision.


When experienced enough to work on their own, cashiers are given the duty of counting bills and making sure the correct amount of money is in the drawers. Throughout a daily shift, a cashier is expected to handle all money transactions and follow the store’s policies. Requesting ID and making sure only age-appropriate people purchase alcohol or tobacco is his or her responsibility. He or she also needs to be prepared for the repetitiveness of the job, which usually consists of working at the cashier stand all day and bagging purchases. At the end of his or her shift, a cashier once again needs to make sure the right amount of money is in place.

Cashier careers start at around minimum wage earnings, though they vary slightly depending on the company. Opportunities for advancement are usually within the store itself. They can include promotion to head cashier, which is a more seasoned register-machine operator who supervises the other workers. This is a higher-paying position and involves more paperwork and communication with management.

Promotions beyond the head cashier position include shift supervisor and assistant manager. Much like a ladder system, benefits and salary levels also increase. Furthermore, cashier careers can lead to other jobs in related fields. Retail salespeople, waiters, postal service workers, and counter clerks are all alternative opportunities.


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@ocelot60- People who work as cashiers also must enjoy working with the public. Having a friendly attitude with numerous customers each day is just as important as dealing with money in these types of positions. Over time, making sure you are friendly, social, and accurate with money could become quite monotonous.

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People who are considering work as cashiers should consider how they will feel after standing for hours and hours each day. Though it may not sound too uncomfortable, I know from experience that over time it does get very tiring. Standing all day is especially difficult for people who have back problems.

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