What are the Different Types of Careers in the Food Industry?

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There are many types of careers in the food industry, ranging from master chefs in distinguished restaurants to maintenance staff who work in diners. A food industry career as a nutritionist involves educating people about food. A restaurant owner is also part of this industry, as is a restaurant worker or server. Someone who works as a food manufacturing plant supervisor is in the food industry too.

A restaurant manager is responsible for restaurant operations. He may oversee shift operations and hire employees. The manager will work closely with quality assurance personnel and food safety specialists to ensure that the business is clean and sanitary and that food meets high standards. He will also ensure that food is kept at the correct internal temperatures.

Food safety specialists perform quality checks on any business that serves or sells food. He will write reports and often train employees on food safety issues. Inspections are an integral part of the career as a food safety specialist.

Various types of chefs or cooks can have successful careers in the food industry. They can work in everything from hotel dining rooms to food trucks to five-star restaurants. Some chefs specialize in certain types of cuisine, while others have a broader repertoire.


Wholesale or distributor careers involve selling food items to restaurants and supermarket chains. These distributors are where many restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets obtain their inventory. Food distributors also distribute foods to convenience stores and hospitals.

Catering offers careers in the food industry as well. Work as a catering administrative assistant is a job that deals directly with the public, and it may involve greeting clients and serving public needs. Answering telephone calls and taking orders may be major responsibilities, and working in restaurants and hotels is often required in this line of work.

The field of food microbiology offers a different types of food industry career. A food microbiologist performs testing on foods that are served or distributed to various locations. He will generally have several years experience in this type of work and may work in a laboratory.

Other food industry careers include those in sanitation. Someone can work as a staff member, team leader, or manager, among other roles. Leaders and managers typically oversee other employees in sanitation efforts, as well as inspecting equipment and machinery as part of this job.


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Post 2

@Phaedrus, I agree that working in places like restaurants can be very demanding, but there are also a lot of other food-related careers that don't involve preparing food or serving customers. I used to work for wholesale food distributors, and I enjoyed a lot of what I did. I spent a lot of time traveling to smaller food manufacturing companies and sampling their products. Sometimes the quality would be so much better than what was already on the shelves. I really enjoyed discovering new food products and getting them distributed to grocery stores.

Post 1

I spent many years in the food industry, mostly in restaurant positions. I can tell you that most entry-level jobs like dishwashing, food prep and serving are physically and mentally demanding. Food service as a career is a matter of working your way up from basic kitchen positions to advanced positions over a period of several years. A certain number of food industry workers may end up in managerial positions, but many times the job you get hired to do is the job you will be doing for quite a while.

Working in the food industry can be very rewarding on a personal level, since you are helping to keep others fed and nourished. People shouldn't go into it with the expectation of becoming fabulously wealthy, but it's usually steady work and experienced food service workers are a bit like nurses. They can almost always find employment no matter where they choose to live.

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