What are the Different Types of Careers in the Car Industry?

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There are many car industry careers that range from working in a car dealership to a car factory. Some jobs may require a college education or previous experience, but many jobs in the automotive field are available to people who complete high school. There are also options in the car industry for those who want to own a small business.

A car dealership is one place to find a career in the car industry. Dealerships need many employees to operate on a daily basis. Some people choose a career as a car salesman. A salesman is responsible for helping potential buyers find the right car for a price they can afford. Most car salesmen work on commission, and their paycheck amount varies depending on how many cars they sell per week.

Other car industry careers could be in auto mechanics, body work, or the detail department. A mechanic works on the car's motor and other instruments when the car is not working properly. A person who is in the body work department is responsible for fixing dents and paint issues to the exterior of the car. Employees in the detail department clean the car's interior and get it ready to be shown to customers.


Car dealerships have a management team responsible for running all the different departments. Department managers are usually people who have worked in the car industry for a number of years and understand the business side of a dealership. Managers may be required to have some college background or business classes to be hired.

A car factory can be a different kind of job in the car industry. Factory workers use heavy machinery to create automotive parts for specific companies. Employees often work in an assembly line that will create an automobile from start to finish. Factory workers usually work on shifts that can be day or night.

Many small business owners work in the car industry. Some owners open up their own used car dealership. Others work with dealerships to maintain vehicles such as dent repair, interior repair, and custom body paint. Some business owners work with car accessories. Accessories can also be a big industry as it includes car stereos, custom parts, and designer seats.

There are many jobs in the automotive industry and salary depends on the specific job. Jobs in the industry with higher salaries are usually management positions, car sales, and mechanics. Training and education for a specific automotive career will help people find the right job with a good salary.


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Post 4

Can someone give me a list of all the job positions that are available in a car dealership?

Post 3

My dad worked in the auto industry in Detroit for most of his career. He is now a big UAW booster.

It was a good job and he was able to send my brother and I to college. He retired with a good pension and he does not have any lingering negative health effects from his work. I am not sure what working conditions are like today, but for my dad it was a good career.

Post 2

If you are a mechanic, getting a gig at a dealership can be one of your best options. Typically the pay is better and you have access to benefits. Also, the work is steadier and more reliable. You always know what kinds of cars and trucks you will be working on so your skills get really good. If you have a couple of years of experience, consider going out for a job at a dealership.

Post 1

I have always been interested in being a car salesman but someone recently told me that they make a lot less money than you would expect. What kind of money do they make, assuming that they are a decent salesperson? Also, how does the money compare selling new or used cars?

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