What Are the Different Types of Career Opportunities in Multimedia?

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There are many different career opportunities in multimedia, and the best choices often depend on the particular interests of a person and the types of skills he or she has. Animation and game design jobs are chosen by many multimedia artists as ways to create interactive features that include moving images and audio. There are also a number of career opportunities in multimedia for people interested in website design and creation, often utilizing different interactive options for webpage navigation. Other careers in multimedia can be found in advertising, through developing a multimedia campaign, and in software design.

Career opportunities in multimedia can vary quite a bit, depending on what type of field in which someone with an artistic eye and skills wishes to work. Many of these careers can be found in the creation of animation, including animated features and shows as well as online animations. These projects can be large or small in scale, and frequently include the creation of animated images with audio accompaniment.

Game design can also provide a number of career opportunities in multimedia, often involving various aspects of their creation. These positions can focus on the creation of content that is, at least superficially, somewhat similar to animated projects. The interactive elements of game design, however, provide multimedia artists with greater opportunities for utilizing different types of audio, animation, and other assets that can be manipulated by the player.


There are also numerous career opportunities in multimedia for those interested in developing and creating websites. These positions usually involve combining still images, animated graphics, text, and other components to create a comprehensive and cohesive webpage. The exact nature of this type of work, however, can vary quite a bit, depending on the needs of a client and how much multimedia is desired.

Development of advertising campaigns can also provide a number of career opportunities in multimedia design and creation. An overall campaign might include still images for advertisements in magazines or billboards, video commercials for use online and on television, and interactive advertisements on websites. All of these multimedia applications are created by artists as part of a single campaign, allowing a unifying vision to guide the development of these advertisements.

Software development and design can also provide multimedia artists with opportunities. This can include the packaging of the software, as well as various elements of a program itself. These opportunities often depend a great deal on the nature of the software. A word processing program is not likely to include a great deal of multimedia, while software that is designed to teach someone a new language may include a great deal of audio, video, text, and other forms of interactive media.


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