What are the Different Types of Cardio Equipment?

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Cardiovascular exercise can be enjoyable with the right type of cardio equipment. There are many different kinds of cardio equipment that can be purchased for home use or made available at a nearby gym. Some of the most popular cardio machines are treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bicycles. Cardio exercise can also be done with smaller equipment that may be less expensive.

A treadmill is a piece of cardio equipment most people are familiar with. Standard treadmills allow people to walk or run at a set speed, and incline treadmills mimic running up a hill. Either type of treadmill can provide a workout that burns calories and can be done indoors.

Elliptical trainers give an entire body workout because they have handle bars and foot pedals that move together. Many personal trainers use an elliptical machine for people who have joint problems since it is not as harsh on the joints as a treadmill. A stationary bike can also be a good choice for cardio equipment. It allows people to get a workout similar to using a regular bicycle without having to worry about the outside weather.


A stair stepper machine can be just like walking up stairs. Many people like stair steppers because they will burn calories and get the body's heart rate up quickly. These machines usually have two steps that are pushed down alternately with the user's feet. A step mill machine looks like actual stairs but moves electronically while the user climbs each stair.

There are a few pieces of cardio equipment that focus on the arms. A hand bike is just like a stationary bike, except the pedals are pushed with a person's arms. A rowing machine will work out the legs, but it also helps with the arms. Rowing machines can be difficult to use and do require upper arm strength.

Many of these types of cardio equipment can be quite costly especially if the user is trying to fill a home gym. There are other options that take up less space and cost less. A small trampoline can be a great piece of cardio equipment. Bouncing on a trampoline can raise the body's heart rate and be loads of fun. An exercise step can also provide a good workout when doing step aerobics.

Other cardio equipment that can be easy to attain are exercise videos. Many people enjoy following along with a cardio yoga or cardio Pilates videos at home. A good pair of running shoes can also be essential for a great cardio workout outdoors.


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