What are the Different Types of Car Seat Accessories?

Dan Cavallari

The term "car seat accessories" can refer to accessories that are designed for children's car seats, or accessories meant for regular adult-sized seats in any vehicle. Common car seat accessories for an adult-sized seat include customized seat covers, ergonomic seat covers, seat belt pads and cushions, and seatback pockets. Accessories for children's car seats include toy and book holders, cushions, tabletops, cup holders, awnings, and even straps for carrying the seat or wheels for towing it when it is not in the car. some car seats are even designed to work in conjunction with a stroller frame accessory.

Babies under 20 pounds are required to be placed in rear-facing car seats, in the back seats of vehicles.
Babies under 20 pounds are required to be placed in rear-facing car seats, in the back seats of vehicles.

Seat covers are the most common car seat accessories for adults. These covers can be very simple, covering the seat for aesthetic purposes only, or they can be more elaborate, working to make the seat more comfortable or to protect it from moisture and dirt. Massaging seat covers feature an electric motor that powers massaging units within the cover to provide relaxation and comfort while on the road. Ergonomic seat covers slip over the existing seat to provide more lumbar spine support for long rides or daily commutes. Other covers are designed to protect the upholstery from dirt and moisture, so the covers are made from waterproof materials that will withstand inclement weather and conditions.

Car seat accessories for children's car seats often focus on making the child comfortable and the seat unit itself portable and easily movable. Many car seats can be retrofitted with mesh pockets in which toys, books, food, and bottles can be stored and easily accessed. Cushions can help make the child more comfortable, especially when sleeping, and tabletops can provide a surface on which the child can play during car rides. Awnings are a great addition to car seats because they can block sun from reaching the child through windows or sun roof openings, and in the winter, the awning can provide a bit of extra warmth.

Some car seat accessories are designed to make transport much easier when the seat is not fixed in the vehicle. Some seats, for example, can be locked into a stroller frame and used when walking around town. Others feature arms that can swing to different positions to make the child in the car seat easier to carry for short distances. Any accessories used for children's car seats must be designed with safety in mind, as choking hazards and other dangerous conditions can exist, and children are especially vulnerable to such risks.

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