What Are the Different Types of Candy Making Supplies?

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Making candy can be a fun and rewarding way to prepare tasty treats in your own home. A few basic supplies are needed to make candy, and for those wishing more of a challenge, a large array of candy making supplies is available from many online suppliers. Molds, tools, utensils, and ingredients can be found at many grocery or specialty stores.

Candy making supplies come in two types. The first type consists of the raw materials, which may vary greatly depending on the recipe. Many common ingredients, like chocolate, sugar, nuts and butter, are usually available at almost any grocery store. Specialized ingredients, like flavorings, oils, coloring agents, and others are a little harder to find.

Hardware and disposables belong the second type of candy making supplies. This broad category includes utensils, molds, special pans, and disposable supplies like wax paper, plastic wrap, and paper or foil cups. Wrappers, wooden sticks, paper lollipop sticks and even string are employed in candy making. Many of these supplies are available in grocery, home, or kitchen specialty shops.


In order to make candy, a few specialized tools and pieces of equipment are usually required, and a few are absolutely essential. A good, heavy-bottomed pan for cooking the candy is important to prevent burning. A double-boiler pan assembly is a common tool for working with chocolate, and a candy thermometer is essential. Most candy recipes call for cooking the candy to a specific temperature, and varying from this even a few degrees can ruin the recipe. Common kitchen appliances like mixers and food processors are often used in candy making as well.

Other common tools for making candy include dipping tools, spatulas, scoops, marble cutting boards and rollers, bench scrapers, and pastry bags. Pastry bags, for creating all kinds decorative effects and designs, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Candy molds are popular, and many different shapes and sizes are available. Molds are usually intended for use with chocolate but are available for hard candies like lollipops as well.

Supplies for advanced candy makers include turntables for rotating the candy while decorating, machines for melting and tempering chocolate, and even airbrushes. Some of these candy making supplies are used by both professionals and amateurs. Machines for kneading and pulling taffy and special tools for making spun sugar confections are also available.


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