What Are the Different Types of Camera Gadgets?

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Those who invest in a high-quality single lens reflex (SLR) camera will typically choose various lenses for their equipment, including telephoto or zoom for taking close-up photographs. Camera gadgets also include hand-held remote controllers that can operate the camera from a distance and are especially convenient for taking self portraits. Digital camera gadgets, such as memory cards, are essential for storing a large quantity of photos that can be transferred to a computer. Many SLR cameras require an external flash, which may be considered an essential camera gadget to own. Some camera gadgets are replaceable, such as snap-on camera lens caps.

Camera gadgets and accessories range in quality and in price. Some can be very expensive due to the technology behind the product. For instance, a quality spy camera is typically more costly than an ordinary camera. Spy or surveillance cameras are used for covert operation and are generally very small and easily concealed. Some spy cameras resemble other gadgets in appearance, such as a Bluetooth® headset.

High-speed media readers and writers are important camera gadgets for uploading files to a computer. These work well for most digital cameras that use memory cards. Additionally, a media reader and writer may also be used with many cell phones with digital camera capabilities.


A tripod is an essential camera gadget to own for photographers who take photos or video of landscapes and other objects. These photography gadgets keep the camera steady to ensure clear photos. Additionally, a cube-shaped device known as a camera level will keep the camera at the exact level needed to take quality photos.

Many professional photographers who take photos outdoors enjoy the convenience of a camera gadget known as a rain sleeve. A rain sleeve is a protective covering, typically made of plastic or cellophane, that wraps around a camera to shield it from the elements. These camera gadgets are typically found in camera supply stores.

Underwater camera masks or goggles are designed for those who enjoy taking photographs underwater. These handy camera gadgets often feature a built-in camera, enclosed in a diving-style mask. This waterproof piece of equipment is high-end technology.

More commonly found, a camera gadget known as a camera dock is convenient for charging most digital cameras. Camera docks may also be purchased for various styles of mobile phones with built-in cameras. Many camera docks tilt at various angles and also allow the photographer to shoot photos while the camera is placed in the dock.


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