What are the Different Types of Cake Decorating Courses?

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One of the first courses a potential cake decorator might take is a basic decoration course that covers proper methods and techniques for basic cake decoration. Courses in using fondant and gum paste are also available from a number of different programs or schools, and these classes allow students to learn to use fondant and gum paste to create decorations and flowers. Some cake decorating courses might focus on the creation of complicated patterns and designs, using frosting, gum paste, and fondant.

Cake decorating courses are classes, often taught at a culinary school or as part of a seminar on cake decorating, that focus on the various methods used in cake decoration. These methods are typically used in commercial bakeries and grocery stores, though they can also be used in a home kitchen to decorate cakes for friends and family members. Cake decorating courses are usually provided in a structured way, often with different levels of courses, to allow students to begin learning the basic methods before moving on to more advanced techniques.


One of the most common types of cake decorating courses is a class in basic cake decorating methods. These classes focus on the essential aspects of cake decoration, such as the proper methods for baking and handling cakes prior to frosting. Such courses may also provide instruction on how to cut a cake to produce a level surface for decoration, and how to “crumb” a cake by applying a thin layer of butter cream frosting to the cake to provide a smooth surface for the actual icing. Other basic techniques taught in such cake decorating courses include smooth application of icing, creating shells and rosettes using frosting, and basic flower creation.

More advanced cake decorating courses typically focus on more complicated decorating techniques. These classes often focus on the creation of flowers and similar types of decoration through the use of frosting and other mediums. The proper manipulation and sculpting of gum paste and fondant is usually covered in such classes, often with a focus on creating flowers and keeping the work clean and neat. These sorts of cake decorating courses may also focus on border designs, common styles and images used in cake decoration, and complicated patterns such as basketweave and checkerboard designs.


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Post 2

I want to find a course that focuses on flowers. I can do many of the other techniques, but I've never had much luck with flowers. I'd also like to learn to do spun sugar cake decorations. I've heard there is a lot of money in being able to decorate cakes with spun sugar flowers and other motifs. It's kind of an old fashioned method that's regaining popularity.

Post 1

Our local hobby shop offers cake decorating courses. One of these days, when I have the spare cash, I'm going to take one. They will also sell the started tip set at a discount.

I'd love to learn to decorate cakes, even if it's just the basics. Being able to frost a cake where it looks like something would be a start! I can do all right with cupcakes and a big star tip, but that's about as far as it goes. I want to learn to do all the basket weaves and dots and ruffles that make a cake look so pretty.

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