What are the Different Types of Business School Accreditation?

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Considering the amount of time, effort and money that goes into earning a business degree, any student who wants to earn this type of degree should ascertain whether the school is accredited. Business school accreditation will help assure that a business degree from that school will lead to a greater probability that the student will succeed in the business world. Among the types of business school accreditation are program-specific accreditation, regional accreditation, national accreditation and international accreditation.

Business school accreditation is based on specific criteria used to determine competency and credibility. The criteria for this accreditation typically is focused on teaching, and national accrediting standards often rely on outcome assessment to verify excellence in teaching business courses. Accreditation typically lasts for a certain amount of time, after which the business school again must show its competency to retain its accreditation. The various accrediting agencies set their own standards for accreditation, and some accreditation is awarded only to a small percentage of business school programs. Other organizations oversee the accrediting agencies and keep records of the accredited business schools.


Each business school accreditation agency serves a slightly different student population. An accrediting agency might serve both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Another business school accreditation agency might award accreditation only to smaller public or private schools that offer business courses and business degree programs. An accreditation agency also might focus on online and distance education programs that offer business courses to students nationally or internationally. To qualify for consideration, these online business schools typically must have been in existence for a certain amount of time, such as two years.

One of the benefits of business school accreditation is that a business degree from an accredited school creates higher earning potential for the graduate. Therefore, a prospective business student will be wise to ascertain whether his or her selected school or program has received business school accreditation. If the school also has business-specific accreditation, a business student will be that much closer to attaining his or her career goals.


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