What Are the Different Types of Business Gadgets?

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Business gadgets are technological devices that allow people to conduct business more efficiently away from a formal office setting. These gadgets are generally smaller, mobile versions of business electronics found in an office. Different types of business gadgets include mobile phones, laptop computers, projectors, scanners, global positioning systems (GPS) and software designed specifically for these devices.

Laptop computers are the most basic of business gadgets. Advances in technology have led to smaller, more lightweight computers than can be easily packed into a bag or briefcase. These mobile computers also are equipped with technology that allows them to connect to the Internet wirelessly, even in transit, such as while traveling in a car or on an airplane.

Tablet computers are business gadgets that offer much of the functionality of laptop computers but at a size similar to a pad of paper. Tablet computers are normally navigated via a touchscreen, eliminating the need for a mouse or a cursor.

Another of the more common business gadgets is the smartphone. A smartphone is a combination of a mobile phone and tablet computer packaged into one handheld device. A smartphone allows the user to access email, browse the Internet and read or create documents using the phone’s screen and wireless connection. Smartphones can be customized by the addition of applications, or apps. Apps are small software programs that add functionality to the smartphone in much the same way that programs add to a computer.


A pocket scanner is another of the business gadgets designed to keep business people mobile. The scanner allows a user to copy any document and then import it to another gadget, such as a smartphone or laptop computer. A pocket scanner can replace both the much larger fax machine and copier. Many tablet computers and smartphones can be used as scanners by utilizing a built-in camera and a program that converts the picture to a document file.

A business gadget that helps people working in the field is a GPS. The GPS provides detailed turn-by-turn directions. A GPS unit can be use as a stand-alone gadget, but more and more smartphones and tablet computers have a GPS unit built in. This allows the user to receive turn-by-turn directions on their phone or computer without having to carry a separate GPS gadget.

Many businesspeople use projectors to present ideas and plans to groups of people. In the past, these projectors have been heavy and cumbersome to carry to and from presentations. Mini-projectors are no larger than a camera and can project easily on any surface.

There are many other business gadgets that make the mobile workplace more efficient. There are pens that store everything that is written or drawn with it. There are earpieces that allow people to drive or work while talking on the phone. There also are software programs that record dictation and convert it to a document file.


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