What Are the Different Types of Business Communication Tools?

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Business communication tools refer to the vehicles for communication between a business and outside entities or for communication within the business. Communication that occurs between an organization and outside entities may include communication between the business and other business associates, or between the business and customers as well as suppliers. Business communication tools may also be used for communication between the management of a business and the employees or between the various categories of employees. Some of the business communication tools include emails, billboards, newspapers, bulletins, commercials, Web sites and telephones.

Emails are basic modern business communication tools that are used to communicate with both employees and consumers. The obvious advantage of emails includes the fact that they are cheap, fast and help the environment by saving paper. Companies can send emails to their employees regarding any information they wish to convey. By the same token, they may also send emails to customers and consumers regarding notices, promotions and other types of business communication.

Billboards are business communication tools used to send messages or inform large numbers of people about any message a business wants to convey. This type of business communication medium has the advantage of reaching a larger number of people than emails, which may only be restricted to the customers of the business. In the same way, businesses may also make use of adverts that are strategically placed in newspapers and other forms of print media to communicate with their target consumers.


One of the more visible forms of business communication tools is the television, a popular medium used by businesses to communicate with their target demographic. Such companies usually promote their services, introduce new products, or inform the general public about any changes or other type of business communication. For example, a company that is trying to recall some defective products will take out spots on various television stations announcing such recalls.

Most modern businesses have a Web site that serves as their home or portal on the Internet. They normally update the site regularly with any announcement they wish to make or any information they wish to share with online visitors. Such Web sites also usually have the address, email and phone number of the company to allow visitors to communicate further with the business. Some of them have forms that visitors can fill and also facilities for them to leave feedback regarding the product or service offered by the company.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- There are downsides to emails. It can be risky as you said when sharing confidential information. But I think that many business have their own email systems with password or code protection. Only employees are able to connect to the system and so information is safe.

But if you have clients or employees physically located in different places, teleconferencing is probably the best way to communicate sensitive information.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I agree that email is a great way to communicate with consumers. But do you think that it's the best communication tool for employees?

I personally find emails impersonal and risky.

Post 1

I think email and online shopping is the best thing to have happened for customers.

I started shopping online as soon as it became available. One of the main concerns back than was the difficulty in communicating with the seller for information about the purchase. That concern has mostly resolved now.

I love that when I put in an order online, I receive an email with details of my purchase immediately. The seller emails a sort of "receipt" with items I bought, total cost and tracking information for shipping. I don't have to make single phone call unless something goes wrong. It's great!

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