What are the Different Types of Business Advertising?

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Business advertising is available to fit every type and size of company. A piece of advertising for a business could be as simple as a single sheet flier made on any computer or as complex as a 35-page case study published in a booklet. Some of the many different types of business advertising include television, radio, print and online.

Online advertising is popular today, as it can be used by small as well as larger businesses. There are also many different kinds of online business advertising. Virtual storefront, or e-commerce, companies often use banner and pop-up ads on their website. Pop up and banner ads are the colorful graphics that appear on web pages to capture the reader's attention and introduce them to special offers and products. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of pop-up and banner ads; their design keeps evolving to avoid software that eliminates their visibility.

Pay per click (PPC) business advertising is popular with small- and medium-size businesses. The cost of PPC can be easily controlled and targeted to get the most of each online advertising dollar spent. PPC advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad. The ads appear on websites or pages built around key words; people interested in certain products use key words or phrases to search for items on the Internet. For this reason, the pay per click ad method is also known as search advertising.


The potential customers clicking on the PPC ads are considered qualified traffic. Qualified traffic means that the people aren't just browsing the Internet, but are searching for specific items. For instance if a PPC ad has the headline "Save 25% on a Hawaii vacation package now" a person clicking on it is specifically interested in purchasing travel bargains.

Printed business advertising materials include everything from informational brochures to newspaper and magazine ads. Companies often distribute brochures at trade shows or other business events. Newspaper ads usually reach a local or regional audience, while magazine ads often have a national reach. Big businesses often print larger ads than small companies do since print advertising is priced by the amount of space the advertisement takes up in the publication.

Radio and television advertising is mainly done by larger businesses, as the cost of broadcast time is usually quite high. A common length of time for radio and television commercials is 30 seconds; these ads are called 30-second spots. Broadcast business advertising reaches a large audience and is often very successful for goods sold nationwide or even worldwide.


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Post 4

If I were going to advertise online, I would definitely avoid pop-up ads and animated ads. To me, these are the most annoying.

I click to close them as soon as they pop up. If I am reading something on a page with animated ads, they are very distracting, and I try to pull the sides of the window to hide them, but this is usually impossible. I'm sure the site owner made it this way on purpose.

Honestly, I have no problem with stationary banner ads. Even if they are large, I'm good with them, as long as they don't move around.

Post 3

I maintain a website that focuses on flower gardening, and I have several different PPC ads on my site. They are all gardening related businesses, and they are interested in advertising there because I have a good bit of traffic.

The more people who visit a site, the more likely the chances that the business will get clicks on their ads. Since my writing is focused on a specific region, I get a lot of local traffic, and local garden centers and farm supply stores place their ads there.

I can tell that people are clicking on the ads, because I make a little bit of money each time they do. It's turned out to be a good source of extra income for me, and the advertisers are happy, too.

Post 2

@shell4life – You could tell that your ad worked, because you were advertising a specific event. I wanted to know if my general advertising dollars were doing their job, but I was stumped about how to determine this.

The ad sales rep told me that I should include a coupon in my ad. That way, I could tell exactly who had seen my ad in the paper and became interested in my business because of it.

I included a coupon for 50% off one item, and I did see quite a few customers bring it in and use it. I think this is the best way for people who are unsure whether or not their advertising budget is being well spent to get peace of mind.

Post 1

I opened an art gift shop last year, and I had no idea what the cost of advertising would be. I really wanted to do a full page color ad in the newspaper, because I wanted to attract attention, since my business was new to the area.

A call to the local paper quickly changed my advertising plans. I was told that a full color ad taking up a whole page would be over $1,000! I had nowhere near that type of budget for advertising, so I went with a smaller black and white ad instead.

They did give me prime placement, and since I bought a quarter-page ad, it didn't get lost on the page. A lot of people came by for the grand opening, so it seems that my ad did get results.

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