What Are the Different Types of Business Administration Career Opportunities?

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Consulting, promotions, management, and human resources are all business administration career opportunities. Individuals with a degree or formal training in business administration have a skill set and educational background that allow them to pursue such a wide variety of employment opportunities. Business administration career opportunities require familiarity with how a business is structured and operates. Applicants seeking job placement within the field of business administration should also be able to develop solutions to business issues and communicate or implement those ideas effectively to ensure job security and career advancement.

Consultants advise businesses on issues related to sales, finance, and employment. This is one of several career opportunities that allow individuals to apply the knowledge they gained from the business administration curriculum of their university or trade school. Consultants must be able to understand the nature of the business they are evaluating and the relevant data related to the industry or company itself. The job requires consultants to be creative enough to brainstorm a solution or business model that improves the business based on company or industry data. They should be able to then report their findings and ideas for improvement to the organization's ownership or management through concise and thorough oral presentations or written reports.


Promotions, also known as marketing or advertising, is one of the business administration career opportunities that requires innovative candidates with effective communication skills and the ability to interact with others. Individuals working in promotions may be asked to determine whether there is a need for advertising and create marketing campaigns designed to increase sales and awareness of a company's product. This requires an understanding of the business or industry in order to determine demand for the product and identify the target audience for the advertisements. The finance background provided by the business administration degree is also necessary in order to manage the associated budget for the campaign. Communication skills honed in business administration courses must be applied in e-mails, meetings, and conference calls between superiors and staff to ensure that the advertisement is disseminated in a timely manner.

Management implements business models or plans devised by owners or chief executive officers. Individuals seeking business administration career opportunities in management must be natural leaders who are comfortable making decisions and directing others. They must understand how the company's business model influences business operations so that they can find appropriate resources, facilities, and distribution channels. Managers are also responsible for establishing requirements related to the hiring of employees with skills and attributes that are congruent with the business plan. They also set guidelines for workplace behavior and professionalism to prevent hostile work environments.

Jobs in human resources require individuals with social skills that allow for effective communication. Human resources directors hire employees according to specifications provided by management. They must understand business structure to analyze the skills and qualifications of a candidate and determine if the applicants fits with company goals. They also inform employees about techniques or industry innovations that improve their skills or help them perform their jobs more efficiently. Finally, human resources directors work with management to convey company policy related to employee behavior and decorum. This aspect of human resources may also require individuals to field employee complaints and mediate conflicts between employees.


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Post 2

I use to work as a business administrator, and it seemed like positions in the field were always available. Though the career field of business administration has changed over the years, there are still a lot of jobs available. Anyone who wants to increase his or her chances of getting hired as an administration assistant should definitely learn how to use computers. This is a must in today's world of technology.

Post 1

Though it is a basic office skill, being able to type quickly and accurately is a must for anyone going into the business administration field.

Whether doing basic support work for the business or promoting the company, a business administrator is going to have to type. Not having this basic skill will definitely slow down progress when it comes to accomplishing business administration duties.

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