What Are the Different Types of Breakfast Muffins?

Lori Kilchermann

Breakfast muffins range from simple English muffin halves topped with eggs and cheese to hearty, traditional-style muffins featuring sausage, bacon and parsley. A variety of ingredients are featured in breakfast muffins, including breakfast cereal, peanut butter and even rum. Some muffins feature nuts, and others are flavored with fruit or cinnamon.

Baked ham is commonly used in breakfast muffins.
Baked ham is commonly used in breakfast muffins.

Many breakfast muffin recipes feature meat, such as ham and bacon. Bacon-cheddar breakfast muffins are made with quick-cooking oats, eggs and applesauce. The muffins gain flavor from cheddar cheese, crisp-cooked bacon and fresh parsley. Ham and cheddar muffins combine flour with cornmeal and green onions. Cheddar cheese, eggs and country ham are also featured in these muffins.

Instead of muffins, some people prefer quick breads that contain fruit.
Instead of muffins, some people prefer quick breads that contain fruit.

Sausage and Canadian bacon also are common ingredients in many breakfast muffin recipes. Breakfast casserole muffins are made with sausage, eggs and biscuit mix. Sausage muffins combine hot and mild sausage with cheddar cheese and are served on English muffins. Savory muffins are hearty breakfast items that are made using eggs, whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour. They also feature scallions, Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese.

Eggs are sometimes used to top a breakfast muffin.
Eggs are sometimes used to top a breakfast muffin.

Cheese is a common ingredient in many breakfast muffin recipes. Cheesy breakfast muffins feature baked ham, scrambled eggs and American cheese placed on top of English muffin halves and broiled. Mexican egg muffins are made by cooking eggs and green onions and spooning the mixture on top of an English muffin. The muffins are topped with processed cheese and served with salsa.

Cereal can be used to make several kinds of muffins. Breakfast cereal muffins combine a hearty breakfast cereal with milk and egg. Bran breakfast rolls feature whole bran cereal, dates and active dry yeast. The rolls are sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar mix before baking. Even rum can be included in muffin recipes, such as eggnog muffins, which feature eggnog, rum and butter.

Many breakfast muffin recipes include cinnamon. French breakfast muffins have a light texture and a cinnamon flavor, and they are served warm. After they are baked, the muffins are dipped in melted butter, then dipped into a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Surprise breakfast puffers feature a filling made from orange marmalade, grated orange rind and cinnamon. The batter is made from butter, honey and whole wheat flour.

Breakfast muffins can have a variety of flavors, include peanut butter, banana and lemon. Banana breakfast muffins are made with ripe bananas, eggs and chopped pecans. Lemony breakfast muffins feature a sugar, butter and lemon juice mixture spread onto English muffin halves. Brunch muffins combine sugar, flour and peanut butter. The ingredients are mixed with egg, milk and melted shortening, then baked in muffin pans.

Breakfast muffins may be flavored with applesauce.
Breakfast muffins may be flavored with applesauce.

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I love a good fresh blueberry muffin with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast in the morning. I use a recipe that belonged to my mother. She loved blueberries and knew all the best ways to cook with them.

The recipe is great because it compliments the fresh blueberries but it is also just a great muffin in it's own right. It is a relatively quick and easy breakfast to make on a weekend morning when you have some time to linger in the kitchen.


My mom used to buy these muffin assortments from the big grocery store by our house. They were five or six of three different kinds of muffins. They were all tasty and we were a house full of boys so they went pretty quickly.


I know that these are really more like desserts, but I love chocolate, chocolate chip muffins. They are so gooey and decadent, especially if you heat them up in a microwave.

I have an amazing recipe for them that I make regularly. They are chocolate muffins with dark chocolate chips. My God they are like something sent from heaven. I would make them every week if they were not so bad for me. Oh well.

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