What Are the Different Types of BPO Certification?

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Obtaining certification in any industry increases the expertise and career potential for an individual. In the field of business process outsourcing (BPO), where organizations from various industries engage third-party firms to perform and improve certain work functions, certification and training can create opportunities for early career or management positions. BPO can be performed in several categories, ranging from personnel management to finance to real estate and has even extended its reach to religious circles. There are specialized training programs and also more broad BPO certifications that may be earned by individuals and organizations.

Procurement BPO certification indicates that an industry professional has mastered certain skills and techniques tied to purchasing activities. Earning this industry standard might help industry participants to become more competitive and gain an advantage over other providers. The Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) certification is one standard for purchasing professionals who are in outsourcing.

The BPO certification for purchasing is offered in the U.S. through education facilities with industry and government partners. In order to attain this industry standard, individuals may need to complete Internet course work and also pass written examinations. The benefits of certification could potentially include greater employment opportunities and higher salaries due to the competitive nature of the industry.


Outsourcing is a global industry, and obtaining a BPO certification from an international firm may provide the highest number of options. Organizations such as the BPO Certification Institute, while based in the U.S., have training facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East as well. Turning to a global educator with a breadth of resources may allow for training across different specializations under the BPO umbrella, including marketing and finance certifications. Certifications are tailored for professionals at different stages in a career to earn credentials. The main categories of certification are for human competencies, talent management, and service-oriented training.

In addition to outsourcing, BPO certification could refer to the real estate market. A broker price opinion (BPO) represents a real estate agent's assessment on the worth of a piece of property. Typically, the owners of that property are in financial distress, and the home may have reached foreclosure. Although there is no formal standard for BPO certification in this field, real estate agents may still benefit from becoming certified. Institutional investors who invest in distressed property assets may turn to certified real estate agents in order to determine the value of a piece of property.


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