What are the Different Types of Box Turtles?

Rhonda Rivera

There are four species of box turtles, all of which sport the characteristic domed shell. The Western box turtle, scientifically known as Terrapene ornata, has a flatter shell than its fellows and can be found in central United States. Terrapene coahuila is an aquatic species of box turtle found in Mexico. A third type of box turtle is known as Terrapene carolina, and it is adorned with yellow stripes and found in both Mexico and the United States. The fourth and last species of box turtle is called Terrapene nelsoni and it's known for its spots and also originates in Mexico.

Some turtles eat cockroaches.
Some turtles eat cockroaches.

Two subspecies of ornata exist: the ornate box turtle and the desert box turtle. Terrapene ornata in general is usually brown to black in color with an assortment of yellow stripes. While its shell is still dome-shaped, it appears flatter than other box turtle shells. Ornate box turtles reportedly live up to 40 years, while desert box turtles live for around 25 years. Both types of turtles eat a varied diet that can include grass, insects, and fruit.

There are four species of box turtles.
There are four species of box turtles.

Terrapene coahuila, more commonly known as the aquatic box turtle or coahuilan box turtle, is the only aquatic box turtle that has not gone extinct. Due to habitat loss, aquatic box turtles have become increasingly rare, and some people are concerned about this box turtle's future as a species. Monitoring and tracking efforts show that this box turtle often chooses to stay in one habitat for at least six months, sometimes up to one year. A small percentage of Terrapene coahuila wander away from their homes in search of other wetlands in which to live.

There are six subspecies of Terrapene carolina box turtles. The majority of these subspecies are often adopted as pets, but their legality varies depending on the jurisdiction. In general, these box turtles require a large space and regular food and water. They cannot be kept in a glass container because they do not understand the concept of glass and can injure themselves or become stressed. Like other box turtles, Terrapene carolina turtles keep a wide diet not limited to cockroaches and raw vegetables.

Also known as the spotted box turtle, Terrapene nelsoni is known to live a little less than 25 years in captivity. They are considered a subtropical or tropical species of turtle. Much information is still unknown about the spotted box turtle, especially regarding its mating habits.

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