What are the Different Types of Body Cream?

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There are several types of body cream on the market today, each one being made specifically for a certain type of skin. Body butters and balms are generally great for very dry or cracked skin, while oil free formulas work well for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. There are also facial creams, foot creams, and hand creams that are made to heal and soften particular areas of the body.

Body butters are one type of body cream generally made for extremely dry skin. They can be used all over the body, and can be made from a variety of ingredients. Common body creams in this category are made from coco butter, Shea butter, or olive oil. Body butters are usually thick in nature, making them easier to spread around the entire body.

Other body cream selections contain medication to help heal sore, dry, cracked or irritated skin. These may come in various types. They can be found in most retail stores, generally near the pharmacy or medication departments. Oftentimes medicated body cream does not smell as nice as other varieties, so it is a good idea to use them only when needed.

Another type of body cream is the perfumed variety. This type is generally used as a mild moisturizer and as an addition or substitute to perfume. A variety of fragrances are available, many of them being available in the same scent as popular perfume brands.


There are also moisturizing body creams made for those who have oily skin or skin that is prone to blemishes and breakouts. Although these are most popular as facial creams, they also come in handy for anyone who suffers from body acne. They work by leaving out materials and oils that can clog pores, while still including ingredients that moisturize the skin.

Specialized types of body cream include facial and foot creams, as well as hand creams. Each type is formulated to meet the needs of its specific body part. For instance, facial creams are generally light and non-greasy to avoid a dirty feeling on the face. Foot creams are usually very thick and oily to penetrate calluses and rough areas on the feet, and hand creams can fall anywhere between these two extremes to meet the needs of a variety of people.

All natural and organic body cream is another type that has gained popularity. Natural products can fall into any of the other categories, but they are usually made using all-natural or organic ingredients instead of synthetic ones. This makes them perfect for anyone who is environmentally conscious or who has very sensitive skin.


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