What Are the Different Types of Biomedical Technologist Jobs?

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Biomedical technologist jobs take place primarily in healthcare and research settings. There are different types of biomedical technologist jobs including those relating to equipment, electronics, sales and engineering. Education and training vary for these different positions, as some require that an individual have more education and training than others. It is also necessary to gain experience in the field in order to advance once a position is obtained.

One position in the field is that of a biomedical equipment technologist. These biomedical technologist jobs take place in hospitals and research facilities and involve working with the equipment used by doctors and nurses such as heart-lung machines, defibrillators and medical imaging machines. Education and training are required for this position and include at least two years of college at a trade or junior college. This position also requires on-the-job training and continuing education to stay up-to-date.

Electronics is another job available in the field of biomedical technologist jobs. Individuals trained in electronics focus more on fixing problems within the equipment at hospitals and research facilities. They are more highly trained to work with small parts and electronic aspects of this complicated equipment than biomedical equipment technologists are. Individuals need to be very good at working with their hands and have proficient eyesight for these jobs. Education involves a two- or four-year degree at a trade school, junior college or university.


Certain individuals working at biomedical technologist jobs enter into the sales arena. Due to the fact that they are familiar with the equipment, they are able to present and sell it to various facilities that might need it in hospitals and research. The job entails doing demonstrations on the equipment, traveling and creating presentations. Following up with those interested in buying equipment is also an important job duty and individuals might be paid based upon how much equipment they sell rather than a salary.

There are also biomedical technologist jobs available in the area of engineering. This focuses on a similar process of working with machines, but often those in these types of positions have more education and training. Four-year engineering degrees are available as well as two-year associate's degrees at junior and community colleges. Graduate school in engineering is required for certain positions, particularly those in management. Those with a higher level of education work on more complicated equipment and processes and generally make a higher salary per year.


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