What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Wall Decor?

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Bedroom wall decor can be anything from fine art oil paintings to wall sconces. Metal wall art may be created in various shapes and designs, ranging from musical notes to animals. Interior design for the bedroom can also reflect one's heritage, and handmade tapestries from India, Asia, and Africa may be used as bedroom wall decor. Colorful wall decals are often used in children's rooms. Bedroom wall decor may also consist of hand-painted murals, or murals that adhere to the wall with adhesive backing.

Many people choose bedroom wall decor that features sayings, phrases, or short prayers. Wall art may feature romantic expressions or spiritual phrases. Sometimes, these wall decorations can be custom made with personalized expressions.

Age-appropriate bedroom wall decorations often have a theme. Rooms for infants and toddlers may be decorated with wallpaper or decals featuring animals or colorful cartoon characters. Teenagers may choose bedroom wall decor that includes posters of their favorite musicians. Practical bedroom wall decor may be preferred by adults. Shelves are functional decor, as these may hold books, collectibles, or trinkets.

Additionally, mirrors are used in most bedrooms, not only as functional decor, but for embellishment. Some decorative bedroom mirrors come in sets of two, three, or four pieces. Mirrors with wood frames may be simplistic in design or feature intricate styling. Stained glass mirrors are often hand painted and very colorful.


Bulletin boards for the bedroom may be used as wall decor, and these can be decorative as well as functional. This type of bedroom wall decoration is typically cork board style, although dry-erase boards are also used. Bulletin or message boards for kids' rooms may feature cartoon designs.

Awards and wall plaques are also used for bedroom decor. Wall plaques are often made of wood and brass, and many are personalized. Plaques may be customized to commemorate a significant date or recognize an achievement.

Wall sculptures are often made of metal or brass. Many sculptures feature individual hand-welded pieces. Some wall sculptures are abstract art, while others are of a religious theme. Some wall sculptures also serve a function, such as an abstract-designed clock.

Framed artwork and unframed art are popular as bedroom wall decor. Hand-painted landscapes are often used in bedrooms. Popular types of unframed art for the bedroom include phrases or sayings over a colorful background. Abstract art on canvas is another popular type of contemporary wall decor.


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