What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Furniture for Girls?

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There are a wealth of options when selecting bedroom furniture for girls. Some key pieces of furniture help to define the atmosphere of a bedroom, such as a canopy bed draped with wispy netting or a loft bed that is shaped like a castle. Other types of bedroom furniture are more functional, such as toy boxes, desks and benches that offer functionality as well as storage. Bedroom furniture for girls can also have flair, such as chairs shaped like giant butterflies and stools that resemble huge mushrooms.

Color is key when selecting bedroom furniture for girls, and it is used to help set the tone of the room. White furniture is a common choice for girls' bedrooms because it is feminine and versatile, but bedroom furniture for girls is also available in a wide variety of colors, including black. In addition to natural wood finishes, some furniture pieces, such as dressers, nightstands and vanities, are also available in vivid colors, such as bright pink, aqua marine and lime green.


When choosing bedroom furniture for girls, there are several bed styles to choose from. Canopy beds can create a princess effect, while platform beds can offer storage underneath, and loft beds can open up floor space beneath the bed to make room for a desk. Bedroom furniture for girls can range from very frilly and feminine to outdoor or sports-themed. To help carry out a desired theme, furniture can also feature novelty handles and knobs, such as starfish, tiaras or soccer balls.

Dressing tables, vanities and desks are good options when selecting bedroom furniture for girls. They provide storage and work areas, as well as a place for girls to display photos and other treasures. Girls who like jewelry will likely appreciate their own armoire, as well. For more storage, furniture featuring cubby holes is available, and this can either accommodate items on their own or be used to store baskets filled with smaller items.

A variety of seating arrangements should be considered when selecting bedroom furniture for girls. Over-stuffed chairs covered with flowered fabrics, benches with upholstered tops and storage underneath, and stackable bean-bag chairs are some options to add more seating to a bedroom. Toy boxes on wheels can also double as seating when needed, and bamboo chairs or hammocks can also be suspended in the room. Tables to accommodate electronics, such as televisions and computers, are also a staple for many bedrooms.


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