What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Cabinets?

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Bedroom cabinets are more commonly known as wardrobes and are used to store clothing and other commonly accessed items in the bedroom. If the bedroom cabinets are not freestanding but are instead built into a closet or wall, they may not be labeled as wardrobes at all, especially if clothing is not stored within. Tallboy wardrobes are perhaps some of the most common cabinets found in the bedroom. As the name implies, they tend to be quite tall to accommodate hanging clothing such as shirts and pants, usually on one hanging rod or two.

A freestanding tallboy wardrobe usually features cabinet doors, which is why it is considered one of many bedroom cabinets. The doors usually swing outward, and the interior of the piece of furniture is large enough to accommodate a high hanging rod and a low hanging rod. The low hanging rod is useful for hanging up pairs of pants or skirts, while the high hanging rod is useful for hanging shirts and blouses. This is a good option for bedrooms that lack a lot of floor space, as the footprint of the tallboy wardrobe is usually smaller than other types of furniture designed for storing clothing.


Short or low storage bedroom cabinets feature a much wider footprint than a tallboy, but these pieces of furniture are not exceptionally tall. The short storage bedroom cabinets can be used as a table for a television or a vanity mirror, and the low cabinets are useful for storing clothing, shoes, or even spare blankets and sheets. Some designs feature doors that swing outward, though others feature sliding doors mounted on tracks to save on used space in the room and to prevent walkways from being blocked. The specific design of the bedroom cabinets can vary according to the materials used and the quality of the build.

The most common material used for bedroom cabinets is wood, though many different types of woods can be used to create a pleasing aesthetic and a durable piece of furniture. Metal can also be used, though this is less common. Sometimes materials can be combined to create the cabinets; wood with glass inlays or glass doors is a common style, and wood can be combined with metals to create a solid and attractive piece of furniture for the bedroom. Handles on wooden cabinets are very often made of attractive metals as well.


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