What are the Different Types of Bedroom Cabinetry?

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Bedroom cabinetry may be store bought and freestanding or custom made and built in. It may be any type of wood shelving or drawer unit or a combination of the two. The different types of bedroom cabinetry include shoe and mirrored, along with armoires, wardrobes, wall units and behind the bed storage shelving.

Often used in children's room to organize, display and store books and toys, behind the bed storage shelving takes the place of a head board. This type of bedroom cabinetry usually goes up much higher on the wall than a regular children's headboard. Most of the shelving is often open and extensive, but corner pieces as well as some closed shelves are also usually included. The lower center of the wall is left bare to fit the child's pillow.

Wall units are large bedroom cabinetry pieces mainly used to provide storage in master bedrooms. They typically take up an entire wall, so this type of cabinetry tends to suit larger bedrooms best. The designs vary widely, but there is often a space in the center of this cabinetry for a television. A combination of open and closed shelving, plus a row or two of storage drawers usually makes up the rest of the unit.


Wardrobes are tall, rectangular storage units with two front-facing, vertical doors. Basic wardrobe cabinetry includes a hanger rod and a shelf or two, plus a main storage compartment; the doors on this kind of bedroom cabinetry may be hinged or sliding. They may be made of textured glass or be solid. In addition to wooden wardrobes, there are also wood product and metal varieties. A wardrobe often provides a solution for bedrooms without built-in closets.

Armoires are similar to wardrobes as they are tall and have two doors on the front. Yet, they also may have drawers as well as be much more formal and sophisticated in design. Some armoires are rectangular, but many others feature rounded tops and elegant cabinet hardware details. Whereas wardrobes usually rest on the floor, armoires have legs.

Mirrored bedroom cabinets feature a full-length mirror on the front of a compartmentalized storage unit. The mirrored section also serves as the door to the unit so that accessing the stored items is convenient. Shoe bedroom cabinetry is often short in height and fairly narrow in width. It has flip-out or pull-out drawers or bin compartments made to store footwear. This kind of cabinetry is often placed freestanding into a closet or built into it to hold shoes.


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