What are the Different Types of Bed Wetting Pants?

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The two main types of bed wetting pants are disposable and reusable undergarments which are worn beneath the bed clothes. Both feature multiple layers of absorbent materials to prevent leaks onto the clothes and bedding. There are sizes available for both children and adults.

The most commonly used incontinence pants are disposable undergarments which can be purchased in most grocery stores or pharmacies. There are versions for children who wet the bed, and for adults who suffer from nocturnal urinary incontinence. Some brands are bulkier than others, but there are newer designs which are made to look like real cloth underwear. This may be especially important for children who may become self conscious at sleepovers and other situations if bed wetting is a frequent problem.

There also reusable pants for those with chronic conditions that cause bed wetting. They are usually made of cloth and look exactly like normal underwear. The main difference is that they feature layers of absorbent cloth in the areas most likely to be affected by bed wetting, which is normally in the front for males and toward the center or back for females. Various designs and cuts are also available.


The type and style of bed wetting pants needed for each individual will vary based on the frequency at which bed wetting occurs. Those who only have an occasional accident may be better off buying disposable pants since they are convenient to use and do not require constant washing. Reusable types may be better for those with frequent loss of bladder control because they are more economical and they look and feel more like regular underwear.

Some specialty retailers may have additional types of bed wetting pants. Full pajama bottoms are sometimes available, as well as shorts. Additionally, underwear often comes in various cuts such as boxers, briefs, bikini, and high rise varieties. This allows more style options and greater comfort for consumers.

Whether or not a consumer wants to use disposable or reusable bed wetting pants is a matter of taste and lifestyle. Although reusable options more closely resemble regular underwear, disposable options are often more absorbent and may help to prevent leaks more efficiently. This is not always the case, since different brands work differently for each individual.


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Post 3

@poster 1: We also used cloth diapers and plastic pants for our oldest bedwetter, who stopped just before turning 10. For our youngest one, we used the Super Undies bedwetting pants. They come in sizes that will fit your three. They also have boosters that can be added inside the pants for heavy wetters. You could also use a prefold folded inside of the pants for extra absorbency.

If none of your three has an issue with the cloth and plastic pants, then I would say take your time to look things over and get ideas before changing.

I have to add that the cloth and plastic pants worked very well for us as we had almost no leaks with them and there are larger size plastic pants available as we found out.

Post 2

As a bedwetting young teen, I look over the net looking for better products. There is a group online who all have the same problem. People are coming out with better things all the time, although a lot of it is junk -- things that just don't work but cost a lot. Gregg (age 14)

Post 1

We have three bedwetters and have been using cloth diapers and plastic pants. We are wondering if anyone has any experience with bedwetting pants and would care to post? Our bedwetters' ages are 8, 6 and 4.

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