What Are the Different Types of Bed Frame Hardware?

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Bed frames are available in a wide array of materials, sizes, and styles, which means bed frame hardware can vary significantly based on the type of frame for which it is designed. Most bed frame hardware is made from durable steel that will be able to support the weight of a mattress and box spring, though in other cases, the hardware can be made from wood or even plastic. The major components include bed rails, support slats, plates, pins, casters, and legs, but additional types of hardware exist depending on the type of frame and the intended application.

Footboard brackets, for example, are pieces of bed frame hardware that can be attached to simple steel frames. These brackets allow the user to attach a decorative footboard to the frame, thereby dressing up the bed and making it a more attractive piece. This bracket mounts to the frame rails toward the foot of the bed, and it features grooves in which bolts can be placed to secure the footboard in place. The frame will usually require at least two footboard brackets to support the footboard, especially if the footboard attachment is made from wood and is quite heavy.


Other bed frame hardware options may be designed to lift the frame itself off the ground. Casters and feet, as well as risers, are the most common pieces of bed frame hardware for these purposes. Casters are essentially plastic wheels that mount to the legs of the bed frame, thereby allowing a user to easily move the bed and frame around a room. Many casters feature locking mechanisms so the bed can be stabilized once it is in place. Other bed frames do not feature casters at all, but instead have fixed legs. These legs are often made from metal, though the bottoms of the legs will usually feature plastic to avoid scratching hardwood floors. Risers can be attached to the frame or to the legs to lift the frame higher off the ground, thereby opening up storage opportunities beneath the bed.

Some beds, such as captain's beds, will feature storage drawers beneath the mattress. Additional bed frame hardware is required in order to properly install these drawers. Drawer rails and sliders will help keep the drawers in place and allow them to be pulled out or pushed in; the drawers themselves may feature handles to facilitate easier movement. Bearings are often used to facilitate smooth movement of the drawers as well.


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I have a queen size four poster bed. Instead of slats on the frame, there is a wire stretched across the span to help support the box springs and mattress. This wire needs to be replaced. What do you suggest?

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