What Are the Different Types of Beauty Supplies?

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An abundance of beauty supplies is available, including hair, makeup and nail products. Beauty supplies for hair include products to style, color and cut. Makeup options include foundation, eye shadow and lipstick. Manicure, cleansing and hair removal supplies are also available.

Makeup foundations can be used in conjunction with concealers and finishing powder. Blush, bronzer and shimmer can top off foundation. Eye shadow, mascara and eye liner are also makeup supplies. Artificial eyelashes, eyelash adhesive and lash tint are also available. Lipstick can be used to add color, shine or condition lips.

Hairstylists usually offer an array of coloring products, including permanent, semi-permanent and temporary hair color. Other hair color beauty supplies include tint brushes, applicator bottles and color mixing bowls. Color developer, lightening powder and highlighting color are also often used in coloring hair. Foil sheets, processing caps and frosting needles are also supplies used in the hair coloring process.

Beauty supplies to care for hair include brushes, combs and picks. Brushes come in a variety of types, including round, friction-free and vented brushes. Comb styles include lift, anti-frizz and detangling. Pick types include tortoise claw, styling and lifting.

Manicure beauty supplies include polishes, removers and tools. Nail polishes are available in colors, base coats and top coats. Nail treatment beauty supplies include ridge filler, strengthener and fortifier. Cuticle oil, remover and cream are some supplies used for cuticle maintenance.


Manicurists also use manicure sticks, bowls and creams. Toe and finger spacers, along with pedicure slippers and sterilizer jars, are also used. Nail files are plentiful and range from antibacterial and coarse grit to fine grit, cushioned files.

Hair removal and lightening products include wax strips, bleach and muslin strips. Razors, shavers and tweezers are also beauty supplies used for controlling body hair. Other supplies used to remove hair include shave gel, epilators and epilation cream.

Moisturizers and cleansers are skin care beauty supplies. Moisturizers include hand and body lotion, as well as firming lotion. Massage cream, brightening lotion and cocoa butter cream are also available. Moisturizers are available with a variety of ingredients, including aloe vera, olive oil and honey. Some moisturizers are made to lessen skin damage, such as stretch marks, while others are more therapeutic, such as foot creams.

Cleansers are available in gels, foams and astringents. Some cleansers are made for deep cleansing and facial scrubs, while others are milder on the skin and developed for everyday use. Cleansers can also have anti-aging and moisturizing properties.


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Post 9

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved playing with and wearing makeup. I love perfume, lotions, creams and anything that is feminine and beautiful.

Even with all the beauty products I use there is one product that I would be lost without. I always say if I was stranded on an island, I would have to have my tube of lip gloss.

I don't go anywhere without my lip gloss in my pocket or purse. I have tubes in my desk drawers at work, on my nightstand and computer desk.

There are a lot of beauty products I would miss if I didn't have. I would really miss not having any lotion or cream, but the lip gloss is the one that I would miss the most if I didn't have.

Post 8

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and the next morning I realized I had forgot to pack my mascara.

This might not be that big of a deal to some people, but I was upset about it. My eyelashes are very light and I don't look the same when I don't have my mascara on.

I bought some on the ship, and even though I had to pay quite a bit more for it, I didn't want to go the week without my mascara.

Of all the beauty supplies I wear on a regular basis, that one is probably the most important one I don't want to be without.

Post 7

When I read through all the different types of beauty products, I realize I use just about every one of them. I can understand how this is such a big business.

When I am packing to go on a trip, it seems like packing my beauty supplies takes longer than anything else. I like to take trial sizes of products if possible to reduce the amount of room they take up.

I also have to decide which products I am going to take and which ones I am not going to use for a few days. When I start going through all of the beauty products I use just to get ready in the morning and before bed

at night, I realize they can take up a lot of room in one suitcase.

The amount of space my beauty supplies take up in the bathroom compared to the small space my husband uses for his personal products is quite a big difference!

Post 6

My favorite types of beauty supply are definitely hair brushes. I have a huge selection to choose from because I love to style my hair.

For a quality hair brush you really need to find one made out of natural fibers, and it will probably cost you quite a bit. I paid nearly $80 for my hairbrush, but it is made with bristles from a boar. It does an amazing job of keeping my hair shiny. Plastic doesn't hold a candle too it.

As for combs, there are so many too chose from. I have a few for different jobs. A very wide-tooth comb for when I am fresh from the shower, and a variety of sizes for styling.

Post 5

One of the most important beauty supplies any woman can have is a good quality sunscreen. Sunscreen plays a huge part in how fast you age and how much sun damage you get.

You can buy excellent foundations and makeup that have a solid SPF in them, but I still prefer to use a simple sunscreen lotion before applying my makeup. If you are worried about too oily skin you can always visit a dermatologist and get some product suggestions. I've honestly never had oily skin myself, but as most sunscreens are a fairly thick lotion it may be worth doing some research for the best kind for you.

Post 4

Lip gloss is my most necessary beauty supply. I have become addicted to it, because without it, my lips crack and peel.

Sometimes I will wear lipstick underneath lip gloss to enhance the color. Often, the light tint of gloss is enough for me, though. I own gloss in various shades of red, pink, peach, and beige, and if I do wear them over lipstick, I wear matching shades.

Most of the gloss I own is flavored. I’m not tempted to lick it off like some people say they are, though. For me, the flavor makes it pleasant to apply and wear all day.

Post 3

I have an at-home chemical peel product that I consider to be a beauty supply. It freshens, brightens, and smooths my skin and makes it look better even under makeup.

The product is absorbed by several cotton pads in a jar. I rub one of these pads across my face and neck, and I can feel a tingling sensation. That means the peel is working.

I usually use it at night to give my skin time to recover before applying makeup. My skin still feels ultra clean the next morning, because the debris is totally gone. I could actually get away with not wearing makeup the day after a peel treatment, but I’m just so used to it.

Post 2

Curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers are also beauty supplies for the hair. I rarely leave the house without using these to improve my appearance.

I blow dry my hair straight by using a vented brush to hold the hair up to the dryer. Once it is dry, I can use a curling or straightening iron to style it.

I have two curling irons of different sizes. One is small, and it gives me tight curls. The other is medium-large, and it gives me loose waves.

My straightening iron has a brush attached to it. As I pull my hair through the hot plates, the brush on the outer edge smooths my hair.

Post 1

One beauty supply for nails that I use often is a buffer. I use it to smooth out rough ridges and scaly spots on the surface of my nails. This helps the polish go on smoother.

The buffer has four sides. The roughest side is for the toenails. The side labeled “Step 1" is what I use first on my fingernails. I buff them seven times with this side. Then, I rotate it to the second side, which is slightly smoother. I buff them nine times with this side. Finally, I use the third side, which really smooths the nail surface. I buff them eleven times on this side.

I use the buffer as needed before I apply nail polish. I remove my old polish once a week, but I usually only have to use the buffer once a month. Sometimes, I will use the third side more often, because it is easier on the nails.

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