What Are the Different Types of Beard Products?

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Shaving facial hair will require different types of beard products. Most men who shave their beards will use a razor, shaving cream, and a brush to apply the cream. Individuals who have curlier hair types can benefit from an electric razor or depilatory creams. Some manufacturers will package their beard products with aftercare accessories as well. 

Razors are the traditional form of facial hair removal. A razor is essentially that — a metal blade that will slice through the beard. Razors can come with either a single blade or multiple blades for comprehensive facial hair removal. These types of beard products will also require the user to purchase razor cartridges when the razor starts to become dull.

A razor alone cannot remove hair without damaging the skin or potentially inflicting pain. Shaving cream is usually used in conjunction with a razor. The cream will usually be emollient-based, wrapping the hair with moisture and increasing its pliability. This will allow the razor to slice through the beard without it cutting the skin or requiring multiple swipes, which can ultimately cause inflammation

Shaving brushes are an optional, but convenient, beard product. Men who shave can opt for the convenience of applying shaving cream with their bare hands, but those who want comprehensive coverage may do so with a shaving brush. The brush will increase the volume of the foam from the shaving cream, allowing the man to use less shaving cream during the beard removal process.


Beard products that utilize depilatory creams are another viable option. The depilatory cream essentially weakens the protein bonds of the hair, allowing it to be easily wiped off with a towel or washcloth. This type of beard removal can save time and can help to remove stubborn beard growth. Even though they are convenient, it is important to follow the directions and only allow the cream to sit on the face for a few minutes, or else a chemical burn can manifest.

The removal of the beard will expose sensitive skin. Beard products that include aftercare accessories can help to protect the skin. Some manufacturers will package their equipment with a cleanser, a protective balm, or a bottled sunscreen. Purchasing beard products with additional accessories can add an extra element of protection for the skin. 


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