What are the Different Types of Bathroom Backsplash?

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A new, decorative bathroom backsplash can add beauty and style to the bathroom. A bathroom backsplash is the wall area around the sink and countertop. This area is a functional area, but a classy or colorful backsplash design can cause that bland spot above the sink to really shine. Bathroom backsplashes must be durable and able to resist water and stains. Common types of bathroom backsplash are made from granite, brick, glass or ceramic tiles, composite materials or painted decorative wall coverings.

Tiles are a popular and extremely durable bathroom backsplash material. A bathroom tile backsplash repels splashing water from the sink, resists mildew and might be installed in an innumerable amount of styles and colors. The most common tile for a backsplash bathroom update is ceramic tile, which comes in a multitude of shapes and styles: tiny geometric mosaic tiles, small hexagonal tiles, rectangular "subway" styles, small square terra-cotta styles and large 12-inch (30.5-cm) tiles. Glazed tiles are best for the bathroom backsplash. These tiles will resist water and are easy to clean and maintain.

A granite backsplash of exotic granite tiles exudes a sophisticated, glossy sheen. Granite is manufactured in a variety of colors and styles but can be expensive and requires skilled installation. Composite granite and composite marble tiles are less expensive and look very similar to original granite.


A glass backsplash is constructed of clear, colored or mirrored glass tiles. A brick backsplash is perfect for a rustic d├ęcor, but only glazed bricks should be used for the bathroom backsplash. Bricks are porous and, if left unglazed, will absorb the moisture in the bathroom and crack or develop mildew.

Painted decorative wall coverings lend a very stylish, customized look. Walls can be painted with pastoral scenes, waterscapes, geometric shapes or faux finishes. The possibilities of painted wall backsplashes are endless. To protect the painted surface from water damage and nicks, one should cover the wall with clear, water-based polyurethane.


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