What are the Different Types of Bar Faucets?

Autumn Rivers

There are various types of faucets that can be quite helpful when used in bars. They typically differ from faucets for regular sinks in that they are smaller in general, and the neck is usually high and arched. Bar faucets can come with a single handle, double handles, or a pullout sprayer. The handles themselves can have either the lever or cross design, a decision that is usually based on preference alone. Additionally, there are different finishes available for bar faucets, such as chrome, brass, and nickel, to name a few.

Bartender serving a glass of wine.
Bartender serving a glass of wine.

One kind of bar faucet comes with a single handle, which is considered convenient for busy people since it can be operated with only one hand. Typically, turning it one way can produce hot water, and turning it the other way results in cold water. When mixing the two temperatures is necessary, double handles are recommended since it allows both the cold and hot water to be running at the same time. Another helpful type of bar faucet is the pullout sprayer, which is stored inside the tap and can be pulled out when needed. It is often perfect for washing off fruit to be placed in drinks, and can also provide an easy way to rinse off glasses in a small bar sink.

Modern bar.
Modern bar.

The actual style of the bar faucet handles, usually comes down to a choice between lever or cross designs. The lever handles are usually straight or slightly curved, and are found in bar faucets that feature either one or two handles. Cross handles are made of two small metal bars that intersect in the middle, and are typically only available on faucets that have two handles. They may be angled vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, with one on each side of the spout.

Another choice available for bar faucets is the metal finish. One of the most popular types of metal is brass, as it is basic and resistant to rust, though it does require a clear coat to keep it shiny and low maintenance. On the other hand, chrome does not require a clear coat to stay appealing, and it is also tough and usually inexpensive. Nickel is another metal type that does not need a lot of maintenance, and it is both durable and contemporary. One particularly popular metal finish for bar faucets is stainless steel, since it is usually affordable, long-lasting, and resistant to water spots, though it does need special cleaners to stay pristine.

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