What Are the Different Types of Backyard Wooden Playsets?

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To children, backyard wooden playsets are often considered necessary backyard furnishings. Some of these playsets are rather small and simple, while others are larger and more complex. Parents are even able to adjust or build on to some of them as their children grow. A few kinds of wood are used to make these playsets, and they may be constructed from scratch or from a kit.

Backyard wooden playsets come in several sizes. Homeowners with small yards should consider small playsets. Large playsets, however, are also available. Small playsets typically only have one or two play areas for children, while larger ones will often have several features.

Swing sets are common types of backyard wooden playsets. Climbing apparatuses, such as monkey bars, are also available, and these are sometimes attached to a swing set or other play area. Large and complex playsets may include a fort or a hideout, either on the ground or in the air. Raised forts can typically be reached via a ladder, and some also have a slide for a quick and fun exit.

Backyard wooden playsets are available for children of all ages. Some can even be adjusted for different age levels. This enables parents to purchase just one playset for their children, as opposed to several of them as they get older.


Many playset manufacturers offer expansion packs for their structures. These allow parents to start small and build on to their children's playsets. For instance, they can initially purchase a small wooden swing set for their small children. After the child gets a little older, they can then purchase a monkey bar expansion set.

A few common types of wood are used for backyard wooden playsets. Cedar is one of the most popular, since it is rot resistant and wood-damaging pests tend to leave it alone. Redwood and cypress may also be used. The wood used for these types of playsets is often also treated for extra protection against decay and insect damage.

Simple wooden playsets are often easy to build, typically requiring only a few tools and some know how. Free playset plans can also be found on the Internet. Backyard wooden playsets can also be purchased, and these usually come with instructions for assembly. Some companies will also go directly to a person's residence to construct a playset on location, but this is typically the most expensive option.


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