What Are the Different Types of Backyard Decor?

Alex Tree

Bird feeders, plants, and patio furniture are types of backyard decor that are not only decorative but functional. A feeder is great for bird enthusiasts and can be purchased or made from scratch. Backyard plants, whether vegetable plants or flowering trees, can give a more natural or wilder look to an otherwise bare yard. Patio furniture is designed for outdoor living and includes outdoor chairs, tables, and even footrests. Lastly, lighting and decorative statues are also common additions to backyards.

A pergola can add shade to a backyard seating area.
A pergola can add shade to a backyard seating area.

A popular kind of backyard decor is a bird feeder, which comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. These containers are usually fastened to trees and designed to attract certain types of birds, like hummingbirds. Some are far more decorative than others and may also have anti-squirrel features. They also vary in price, with cheaper feeders being more functional than decorative.

Hummingbirds are readily drawn to bird feeders.
Hummingbirds are readily drawn to bird feeders.

Flowers, trees, and shrubbery are a common type of backyard decor. The plants can be purely decorative or have a purpose, like providing food in summer or fall. If the ground is contaminated or contamination by animals is a possibility, raised gardens also have aesthetic value. For long-term planners, fruit trees can be planted to reap the rewards for years to come. Trees in particular are often inexpensive outdoor decor that last for centuries with minimum maintenance.

Patio furniture is another type of backyard decor, which is furniture specifically designed for the outdoors. Tables, chairs, and umbrellas are common pieces of backyard furnishings. The cushions on patio furniture are usually easy to wash clean or throw into a clothes washer. These are some of the most expensive decorative items to place outdoors.

Backyard lighting can be both decorative and functional enough to fend off burglars. Some lights are attached to motion detectors to flood the backyard with light once a person enters. This kind of backyard decor can also be eco-friendly; for example, many people use solar lights.

Statue figures are another category of backyard decoration. Garden gnomes, statues of small men with pointy hats and beards, are often employed to decorate backyards around the globe. Although these ornaments were originally believed to ward against evil and magic, they are typically employed for decorative purposes in modern times. In addition, plastic pink flamingo birds, another type of lawn statue, gained popularity in the 1950s. Many other eclectic types of backyard statues, including fairies, globes, and other animals, can be found in backyards across the globe.

Patio furniture is designed for outdoor living, and includes outdoor chairs and tables.
Patio furniture is designed for outdoor living, and includes outdoor chairs and tables.

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