What Are the Different Types of Back Porch Ideas?

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Homeowners who are looking for different back porch ideas will find that they can choose from a few types of back porches. An open-air porch, for instance, is a common type of porch with no walls that may or may not have a roof. Enclosed porches, on the other hand, are surrounded by walls made from screens or windows. Porch accessories, such as swings and rocking chairs, can be added to a finished back porch to make it into valuable lounging or dining space. When considering the different back porch ideas, however, a person should also try to match the style of a porch to the style of the home.

An open-air porch is one of the two main types of porches, and it can either be uncovered or covered. Uncovered back porches do not have roofs or walls. These types of porches generally consist of raised wooden platforms, and they are very similar to decks.

A covered back porch, on the other hand, is a type of porch that is covered with a roof supported by thick wooden columns at each corner. Since they have roofs, these back porches are somewhat protected from the elements, including sun and rain. They generally cost more money to build, however, than uncovered back porches.


Many homeowners looking for back porch ideas may be drawn to enclosed porches. These types of porches are usually surrounded by walls. Sometimes, these walls are made from screen stretched over a wooden framework. These are often referred to as screened-in porches.

Sunrooms, or sun porches, are other types of enclosed back porches, and they are sometimes referred to as all-season porches. These porches usually have walls with several very large windows. Homeowners and their families can even enjoy these types of porches in the winter months if they are heated.

The style of the home should also be taken into consideration when looking for back porch ideas. Before building or modifying a back porch, a homeowner should first make sure that the style of the porch matches the style of the home. Large Victorian porches, for instance, will usually not look right on a small modern ranch style home.

Porch d├ęcor is also important when looking for different back porch ideas. For instance, porch swings are a very popular type of porch seating. These can be hung from the roof of a covered porch or on freestanding frames. Other porch furniture, such as chairs and tables, can also be placed on a back porch for a cozy dining or conversation area. Homeowners may want to browse through home improvement and interior design magazines for back porch ideas and decorating tips.


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