What are the Different Types of Baby Shower Themes?

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Baby showers give friends and family a chance to help a new mother get ready for her baby. Baby shower themes add a polished effect to the party, and can be both functional and fun. For example, a theme can be centered around the baby's gender, which can be one way of letting guests know what colors to buy when bringing gifts, or it can simply be centered around a certain cartoon character.

Gender-based baby shower themes are typically the most traditional. Many parents are now able to find out the gender of their baby thanks to ultrasounds. Traditional boy baby shower theme colors include blue and red, while traditional girl colors are usually pink or purple. Baby shower invitations for these types of showers can printed on these colors, and baby shower cakes can be iced with the theme colors.

Some parents still opt to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender, and unisex baby shower themes can be used in this case. Instead of blue and pink, other colors can be used, such as yellow or green. Baby shower games for these showers can include guessing what gender the baby is or, choosing favorite or unusual unisex names.

Twins or triplet baby shower themes are a good idea for new mothers who are expecting more than one child. If a boy and a girl are expected, both blue and pink can be used to decorate. Also, since two or more of everything can get quite expensive, guests can all contribute toward the purchase of a matching set bassinets or cribs.

Diaper baby shower themes can be a fun way for an expecting mother to collect essentials for her new baby. During these showers, guests will typically be encouraged to bring essential, everyday baby supplies like diapers in all different sizes, baby bath supplies, diaper rash creams, and formula. These types of showers are often perfect for expecting mothers who still have most of the clothes, toys, and furniture from previous children. Invitations can be shaped like diapers, and baby shower games can include stick the diapers on the baby.

Fun baby shower themes are great for expecting mothers who need a large variety of baby items and supplies. Animal themes are quite popular. These themes usually involve picking one animal or a whole zoo of animals and focusing on them for decorating. Popular and classic cartoon characters can also make for attractive and fun baby party themes.

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A girlfriend of mine and her husband are both big Harley enthusiasts and when they had their second kid they decided to throw a Harley themed baby shower.

There are a surprising amount of Harley themed baby shower decorations and they had their house looking like a biker pad fit for a baby. They invited all their biker friends out and had a regular good time. There was lots of motorcycle talk of course but everyone was really excited about the baby too. It was a cool idea and something only she would do.

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