What Are the Different Types of AV Technicians?

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There are several different types of audiovisual (AV) technicians whose specialties generally revolve around audio, video and lighting. These technicians are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining and operating audiovisual equipment. The world of audiovisual technology is vast, so AV technicians generally specialize in a particular type of technology.

AV technicians who specialize in sound equipment generally will be responsible for designing and installing audio equipment for a variety of uses. The most common use is the design of audio systems for concert venues, conference rooms and houses of worship. It is the responsibility of the technician to design an audio system that can meet the physical requirements of a venue. AV technicians who specialize in audio will also be required to create recording systems that can effectively record the events that are held at the facility. In addition to designing and installing the audio system, a technician might be required to operate the equipment as needed.


Video technicians are another specialty within the audiovisual industry. These AV technicians are responsible for creating video solutions that meet the needs of their clients. This can often include the basic installation of video projectors and plasma televisions but can also include more extensive work, such as installing a variety of video cameras and video conferencing systems. Video technicians generally are in the most demand because their skills can be utilized in a variety of ways. It is not uncommon to see video technicians operating in corporate offices, schools, churches and a variety of other locations where video presentation is required. After an event has concluded, a video technician often will also be responsible for editing the video footage and packaging it in a finalized product.

Another type of AV technician is a lighting technician. These individuals specialize in designing, installing and controlling lighting systems for companies and entertainment venues. AV technicians who specialize in lighting design are often responsible for creating visual effects and color patterns through lighting. It also is the responsibility of the lighting technician to create automated light shows that are popular in entertainment venues and live concerts.

Although the skills of these various AV technicians can be interchangeable, most technicians tend to focus on one specialty. Regardless of their focus, all AV technicians must be proficient in wiring and installation techniques, because these skills are fundamental in all audiovisual specialties. Technicians also must be able to access and troubleshoot any issues that are negatively affecting the audiovisual system.


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