What are the Different Types of Autism Awareness Products?

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There are a variety of autism awareness products designed to represent someone's commitment to the cause. These products also make great gifts, or can be used as part of fundraisers for autism-related causes. A variety of symbols have been developed, mainly focusing on puzzle pieces and rainbow shades. In addition, there are also autism awareness products that cannot be worn, such as autism cookbooks and toys.

The most common autism awareness products are ribbons with jigsaw puzzle patterns. Simple ribbons can be very inexpensive, and are therefore appropriate for large gatherings and fundraisers. Special ribbons, which may be made of metal or other materials, make beautiful jewelry and do not wear out like cloth ribbons. Some fancier items include gems and other fine materials.

Silicone bracelets in rainbow colors also make popular autism awareness gifts. These may be decorated with puzzle pieces and text, or may be left plain. In some cases, the body of the bracelet is one color with puzzle pieces decorating the sides. These inexpensive gifts are available in a variety of sizes and designs.


There are many shirts, buttons, bags, and other items decorated with text about autism. These items may encourage the reader to ask the wearer about autism, or may simply promote autism visibility. In many cases, products including text identify the wearer's relationship to autism and can be tailored to individual cases. Puzzles and rainbows are often incorporated into the design, but the item may also include other symbols for a very specific message.

Almost any item decorated with puzzle pieces or rainbows can become an autism awareness product. Rainbow crystal bracelets with puzzle charms, for instance, make excellent fashionable autism jewelry. Plain silver puzzle pieces send the same message more subtly. If the jewelry is intended mainly as a personally meaningful object, this subtle effect is very appropriate and can be incorporated into many kinds of jewelry. On the other hand, if the jewelry is intended to inform others and elicit questions from strangers, a brighter and easier to decipher item may be more appropriate.

Many people believe that dietary changes can help improve symptoms of autism. Selling or giving away autism cookbooks can promote awareness and also be useful for families. A family may also appreciate books of encouragement or stories about autism. Bumper stickers can make excellent autism awareness products for families, because not only will the owner benefit from his or her display or pride, but other drivers will be educated as well.

These autism awareness products presume that the target consumers are already somewhat familiar with autism. If someone is looking for merchandise that will promote knowledge about the disorder, rather than signify the recipient's commitment to the cause, it might be a better idea to use books or pamphlets as autism awareness products. Another idea would be to combine the two types of products by attaching a ribbon or pin to a pamphlet. This usually prevents people from immediately throwing away the information, and possibly encourages knowledge about the disorder.


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