What Are the Different Types of ATV Storage Boxes?

Dan Cavallari

ATV storage boxes are mounted to all-terrain vehicles, (ATVs) to increase storage capacity and protect belongings from weather damage or impact from debris. They are usually made from plastic, though some are made from fiberglass or other composite materials. The size, shape, and function of the ATV storage boxes can vary according to the intended application, though the most common types are rear-mounted boxes, front-mounted boxes, and bed boxes. A rear-mounted box will be affixed to the ATV behind the driver, and a front-mounted box will mount in front of the steering controls. A bed box will fit in an ATV bed, if one exists.

ATV storage boxes can be used to increase the storage capabilities of an ATV, which typically has very few storage options.
ATV storage boxes can be used to increase the storage capabilities of an ATV, which typically has very few storage options.

Sometimes rear-mounted ATV storage boxes are U-shaped so they wrap around the driver's seat. This increases cargo capacity without interfering with the driver's comfort. Some of these ATV storage boxes even feature built-in seats so a passenger can sit comfortably behind the driver without interfering with the function of the box. These tend to be more expensive than other options, but if more than one person will be riding on the ATV, this will be a necessary feature.

Front-mounted ATV storage boxes tend to be flatter and square. They are designed to allow the driver a full view of the terrain in front of the vehicle, so the lower profile box is essentially designed to not be an obstruction. Such ATV storage boxes can usually mount directly to the front rack of the vehicle, though some other models may have different methods of securing the box to the ATV to prevent shifting or dismounting.

Gun boxes are designed specifically to contain and protect firearms. These boxes may be specifically designed for one model of gun, or they may be large enough to accommodate guns of various sizes and shapes. These ATV storage boxes usually mount to the side of the vehicle next to the driver, though some boxes may mount to the rear of the vehicle and may accommodate several guns rather than just one. These cases very often feature locks to prevent theft or accidental opening during ATV driving.

Some utility ATVs feature a bed, in which case bed boxes can be used. These are usually rectangular containers that can be secured to the bed of the ATV, and they offer perhaps the most storage space of all ATV boxes. They can range in size according to the size of the bed as well.

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