What Are the Different Types of ATV Riding Apparel?

Dan Cavallari

Safety and comfort are the two primary goals of most ATV riding apparel manufacturers. Helmets are, of course, the most important piece of ATV riding apparel a rider can buy, and the size, shape, function, and style of the helmet can vary. Gloves are also commonly worn by riders, both for safety and aesthetics. Riding boots are designed to function with clutches and pegs, and pants and jerseys are usually designed to wick moisture and possibly even offer protection from impacts or debris. Goggles are often worn by racers and recreational riders alike to protect the eyes from wind and debris.

ATV apparel is usually made of synthetic material, which resists staining and wicks moisture.
ATV apparel is usually made of synthetic material, which resists staining and wicks moisture.

Goggles are often designed to fit around helmets. The lenses of the goggles may feature peel-off transparent strips that can be removed once they get muddy, ensuring the rider can see clearly throughout the course of a ride. Like other ATV riding apparel, goggles come in a variety of styles to fit the rider's aesthetic preferences, and some riders will even coordinate the style of the goggles with the style of the helmet, jersey, or pants. Helmets very often feature face shields, and some feature visors for added protection.

ATV riding apparel can sometimes be moisture-wicking or breathable. This means moisture is allowed to pass through the garment, keeping sweat off the skin for comfort and, in some cases, warmth. Such garments are almost always made from synthetic materials that are quick-drying, as ATV riders in muddy areas are likely to get wet throughout the course of a ride. The synthetic materials also resist staining, which is useful if the rider is riding through mud or in frequent sunlight. Pants are sometimes made from rip-resistant materials, which is important because ATV riders may ride through wooded areas in which branches, rocks, and other obstructions can come in contact with the ATV riding apparel.

Racers are likely to wear additional safety equipment underneath other ATV riding apparel. Spine protectors, for example, feature hard plastic or Kevlar® plates that will protect the spine in the event of a fall. This piece of apparel is worn under the jersey. Elbow protectors can strap around the arms underneath a long-sleeved jersey as well. Some riders may wear a chest plate in addition to the articulated spine protector as further protection in the event of a fall. Sometimes the spine protector and the chest protector are one unit; this single unit may also include elbow protectors.

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