What Are the Different Types of ATV Implements?

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All-terrain vehicle (ATV) implements are available for practically every gardening, yard maintenance and snow removal task that can be imagined. Plows, mowers and planters are available to turn the ATV into a utility vehicle capable of replacing a small tractor. Snow blowers for removing drifts and clearing driveways, soil-working ATV implements as well as sprayers are commonly found in use on small, outlying fields for the creation and maintenance of wildlife food plots and for insect control in recreational areas. Winches, trailers and adjustable racks and holders for tools, hunting and fishing gear are ATV implements that help convert the ATV from a utilitarian machine to a useful and viable tool for the sportsman or worker.

The modern ATV is replacing the garden tractor for many tasks and chores around the home, farm and field. Partially due to the increased speed in which the ATV can complete a task as compared to using the garden tractor and added comfort offered by the ATV, many jobs are being handled by the small vehicles. One of the earliest ATV implements offered was the lawnmower deck. Designed as a pull-behind unit equipped with its own power source, this ATV implement was marketed as a time-saving device for the maintenance of large fields of grass and large lawns.


As the ATV became more common among sportsmen, small ATV implements in the form of farming accessories began to become commonplace for the creation of wildlife food plots. Plows, discs and drags as well as corn, alfalfa and grain planters are now available as ATV implements. Also ready to use in the fertilization and insect control of the crops and leisure areas are ATV implements such as fertilizer and insect repellent sprayers. These small tankers commonly use a dedicated power source in the form of a small gasoline or electric motor to power the pump and apply the liquid fertilizer and insect repellent spray from extended arms, complete with many individual nozzles.

For the wintertime user, ATV implements such as snow blowers and salt spreaders are commonly used to clear and deice parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. The four-wheel drive ATVs makes it easy to maneuver the vehicles in crowded parking areas, while a winch creates a tool to aid stuck motorists and provide a means to tow stranded vehicles. Small, sled-like ATV implements are also available to transform an ATV into a rescue vehicle for ski resorts and similar cold-weather sporting areas.


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