What Are the Different Types of Asparagus Salad?

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Asparagus salad can be flavored in a number of ways and combined with a variety of ingredients, including fish and cheese. Dressing is often used to top off the salads, and can be creamy and mild or thin and zesty. Many types of vegetables, such as beans and tomatoes, can easily be paired with asparagus to create salads.

Fish complements the flavor of asparagus and the two ingredients are paired for many different types of salads, including asparagus and smoked salmon salad. Char on asparagus salad features white and green asparagus and skin-on, de-boned char fillets coated in flour and sauteed. Salmon avocado and asparagus salad is made with asparagus, ripe avocado and dried dates. Monkfish and asparagus salad is seasoned with raspberry vinegar, pine nuts and vegetable stock. Red bell peppers and asparagus are added to a vinegar-based dressing to create asparagus salad with sweet balsamic vinegar.

Sour cream is featured in some asparagus salad recipes and is typically found in dressings used to top off a salad, including marinated asparagus salad. The asparagus is cooked and placed in a marinade overnight, then put on lettuce leaves and topped with a mixture of mayonnaise, dill weed and sour cream. Asparagus and tomato salad calls for a bed of lettuce leaves to be topped with cooked asparagus and tomato slices. The salad is drizzled with a dressing consisting of mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard.


Differednt types of beans, including white, green and black, are often married with asparagus to create flavor-filled salads. Asparagus and green bean salad combines green beans and asparagus with sliced red onion. The salad is topped with a dressing of lemon juice and herbs combined with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, then garnished with sliced plum tomatoes. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and lemon juice are also used to flavor white bean and asparagus salad. A salad made using black beans gains flavor from sweet red pepper, sweet onion and lime juice.

A variety of cheeses can be added to salad to create unique flavors, such as goat cheese and blue cheese. Asparagus, orange and blue cheese salad features peeled orange segments, crumbled blue cheese and asparagus topped with a dressing of orange juice and olive oil. Lemony asparagus salad with goat cheese is made using blanched asparagus cut into short pieces. The vegetable is tossed with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing along with blue cheese. Roasted asparagus salad with goat cheese and bread crumbs is topped with fresh goat cheese and cubes of crusty bread.


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