What Are the Different Types of Asparagus Appetizers?

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Different types of asparagus appetizers are usually categorized or considered based on how they are served and the role the asparagus plays within the dish. Many appetizers can be made using whole spears of asparagus that are wrapped or otherwise prepared in a way that is usually served on a plate and eaten with silverware. There are also some dishes that can be made for less formal occasions, usually allowing someone to eat the asparagus with his or her fingers. Some types of asparagus appetizers take on very different forms, such as strips of asparagus that are part of a salad or spears that are diced and used to create a topping or sauce.

Asparagus appetizers are typically served at the beginning of a meal and can take a number of different forms. Some of the most common and popular appetizers are served as whole spears that are wrapped in another type of food. These types of asparagus appetizers are often made by wrapping one or more spears together using a piece of bread or puff pastry that is then baked. Even prosciutto can be used, allowing the saltiness of the meat to season and enhance the flavor of the asparagus.


There are also asparagus appetizers that are prepared in a way that is less formal and allows the asparagus to be eaten by someone using his or her fingers. Deep fried asparagus, for example, can be made using whole or cut spears that are dipped in batter, often a beer batter, and then fried. This allows the outside batter to become light and crispy, which contrasts the soft texture of the asparagus. Such appetizers are often served with sauce in which they can be dipped, such as honey mustard or flavored mayonnaise.

Other types of asparagus appetizers can be made in a variety of different ways, utilizing the asparagus in a number of forms. Spears may be sliced or peeled in thin strips that can be used much like pasta; they are often coated in a vinaigrette dressing or other sauce and served as a light salad. The soft texture of asparagus also allows it to be used as part of a sauce or even a soup, usually steaming or cooking the spears lightly and then using a food processor or blender to make them smooth. Asparagus appetizers can be prepared by chopping or dicing spears of asparagus roughly and mixing them with other ingredients to make a salsa, pesto, or topping for bruschetta and similar dishes.


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