What Are the Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Projects?

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Computers that are programmed to reason the way that humans do can be utilized by a number of different artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Scientists and engineers have discovered ways to use AI in entertainment, language processing, decision making, planning and robotics. As AI programs become more sophisticated, new applications for the technology are developed, increasing the number and type of artificial intelligence projects.

The entertainment industry has a number of artificial intelligence projects that consumers come into contact with frequently. One famous example of an AI gaming project is the computer Deep Blue, which beat grandmaster Garry Kasparov at a game of chess in 1997. Many modern computer games offer interactive environments that adapt to the behaviors of the users, and sophisticated AI programs can respond to the unpredictability of human players without disrupting gameplay.

The creation of adaptable robots is another of the many artificial intelligence projects. Robots function well when they are given instructions and monitored by humans, though this is not practical when robots are either far away from their programmers, such as in outer space, or required to make many quick decisions. In the latter case, human programmers may not be able to provide instructions quickly enough, making intelligent programming key to the robot’s functionality.


Language processing can also make use of AI programs. These programs can analyze human speech or writing to make decisions about the words that are used. Artificial intelligence projects attempt to process language in the form of speech recognition, translation, and conversational programs, commonly known as chat bots. As these projects progress, language processing becomes more accurate and reliable.

Development in computerized decision making and planning is also an important artificial intelligence project. One of the projects in development in the 2010s aids medical professionals in diagnosis. This is one of the most difficult aspects of medical practice because many possible problems can cause the same symptoms. While computer programs have been used to aid diagnosis in the past, the application of AI concepts makes these programs much more useful, allowing them to consider possible problems in the same way a human doctor might but with the addition of a complete medical database.

Planning can also be done with AI. These programs can be used to consider various possible solutions and to run simulations predicting outcomes. For example, artificial intelligence applications can be used to manage inventory and to predict parking space requirements.


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Post 3

@discographer-- Yes, computer games are also considered artificial intelligence. There are two major types -- strong AI and weak AI. Strong AI can match or go beyond human intelligence while weak AI does not. The AI projects that are part of our every day life like computer programs are weak AI.

Some people are a bit skeptical about strong AI. Some even think of it as dangerous. If a computer can beat the greatest chess player in a game of chess, it can do far more than that.

Post 2

Computer games are artificial intelligence too right? I used to think that artificial intelligence mostly meant robots but obviously, there are other types out there.

Post 1

I think that one of the most useful artificial intelligent projects are the voice, fingerprint, face or eye recognition used by security systems. These are being used more and more widely because they are far more reliable than password protected systems. It's easier for someone to find a password, but much more difficult to imitate someone's face or voice.

Television programs and films often show this type of artificial intelligence. And they even go as far as showing ways how even this type of system can be fooled and beaten. But I still think that it's the best form of security and protection out there.

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