What are the Different Types of Aromatherapy Spa Treatments?

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Aromatherapy has become a widely-used method of providing relaxation for the mind, body and soul. Types of aromatherapy spa treatments include natural, herbal and organic. There are also treatments that include soaks for the body or feet. Typically extracted from citrus fruits and other plant varieties, these soaking substances are then made into what are commonly referred to as essential oil products.

There are many methods that incorporate the use of aromatherapy spa products and treatments. Some of these include the use of aromatherapy herbs and holistic aromatherapy products that are made with safe and natural ingredients. For many consumers, safe aromatherapy is vital to their routine.

In many aromatherapy spa treatments, diffusers might be used. This is basically a type of product that helps dispense the aromatherapy spa treatment into the air. By doing so, the individual is able to breathe in the vapors, thus receiving the intended benefits. Effects of aromatherapy spa treatments may vary with each individual. Many are a matter of personal preference.

Some types of aromatherapy involve tea tree products. This has also been known to help ease congestion and sore throat, as well as promote a balanced state of emotional health. Lavender aromatherapy treatments have been said to promote relaxation in both adults and infants. If being used around young children, however, experts feel it is best for individuals to be aware of the ingredients that are added.


Organic aromatherapy might consist of ingredients that are naturally grown with no known use of pesticides. This could include citrus fruits that are certified organic. For it to be accurately labeled as an organic type of aromatherapy spa treatment, none of the ingredients can be synthetic. Many individuals prefer to make their own batch of organic essence oils that will be used for aromatherapy spa treatments.

Some individuals prefer to use essential oils in conjunction with an invigorating massage. This is done by actually rubbing the therapeutic oils directly onto the skin as a massage is being performed. Another slightly different variation is using the aromatherapy product as a facial massage or cleanser. This is more of a cosmetic form of therapy—the essence of the aroma is inhaled while the skin's surface is treated directly.

Although essential oils are typically not to be consumed orally or ingested by any individual, there is a practice in which physicians prescribe essential oil products as a means to treat certain medical conditions. These might come in powder or pill form. This practice should never be attempted without seeking advice from a trained medical expert.


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