What Are the Different Types of Armed Security Officer Jobs?

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Armed security officers protect people and property from criminals and others who are intent on stealing or causing harm. National governments employ large numbers of people in armed security officer jobs. Additionally, some armed security officer jobs are with private firms that operate transportation services or provide security for businesses that handle large volumes of cash.

Many national governments employ security officers to work at locations such as airports, border crossings and harbors. These individuals are tasked with preventing criminals, terrorists and other dangerous individuals from entering or leaving a particular nation. Most have both an army and a police force and in some instances, members of the armed services or the police are asked to work as security officers. In other instances, government agencies employ individuals specifically to work as armed airport screeners or customs control agents. Government agencies often employ retired police officers or soldiers in these armed security officer jobs.


Travel operators sometimes employ armed security officers to protect passengers and transportation personnel such as pilots and boat crews. Some tour operators arrange trips for travelers to visit regions that are beset by wars or armed conflicts. Armed security officers are tasked with protecting tourists from the groups that are involved in these conflicts but the security officers are only able to act in a defensive manner and are not able to seek out confrontations with armed groups. Some transportation firms employ armed security guards to patrol ships that pass through international waters that are known to contain pirates. These security officials are responsible for ensuring that both the ship's cargo and the crew make it safely to the intended destination.

Criminal groups often attempt to rob banks, casinos and other establishments that contain significant quantities of cash. Many of these institutions employ individuals in armed security officer jobs. Additionally, most banks and casinos only keep minimal amounts of cash on-site and excess funds are transported to large banks or secure vaults. Armored vans or trucks are normally used to transport the cash. These vehicles are normally manned by several armed security officers.

The precise job requirements for armed security officer jobs vary but many firms prefer to hire individuals who have had experience in the armed services. In many countries, employers are allowed to conduct background checks and security firms typically check court records to ensure that prospective employees have not previously been involved in criminal activity. Those working as security officers at border posts, embassies or on international ships often need to have language skills so some employers reserve these jobs for people who are able to speak at least two different languages.


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